Learn Together. Win Together.

Give your sales team access to how they win and why they win

What Flockjay can do

Work within your reps existing workflows to capture winning strategies that drive additional revenue, faster.

Work Where Reps Work

Capture winning strategies from reps within their existing workflows in tools like Slack, Salesforce, Gong, and Notion. Make it easy and enjoyable to add winning strategies to Flockjay.

Build Community for Disparate Teams

Build communities across geographies by bringing reps together to share lessons from the field.

Connect Reps with Subject Matter Experts

New product launch? New competitor? Connect your sales teams with internal subject matter experts to respond to market changes in real-time.

Trigger Prompts, Win Reviews, and More

Don’t let the insights from that recent win get lost. Trigger prompts for your SDR and AEs to review recent wins and capture the winning strategies for future use.