A powerful competitive enablement platform

Stay one step ahead of your business rivals and give your sales team the resources they need to have a competitive edge. With the Flockjay platform, every representative can access data-driven insights, powerful analytics, and a wealth of enablement tools to pack a powerful sales punch.

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Flockjay tools give sales teams an edge

Pushing your business to the upper echelons of corporate success involves more than a passive sales attitude. Your sales teams must develop a winning mindset to knock out the competition and boost your bottom line. Thanks to Flockjay, getting that competitive edge has never been easier.

The software is an ever-evolving source of enablement resources. Gather competitive intelligence, use analytics to its full potential, and create battle cards that prepare your sales force for any sales scenario. Empower your team to create compelling sales pitches and show your prospects how your offerings outshine those of your rivals.

Capture and deploy new competitive insights quickly

Gaining competitive insight isn’t always easy. Capture those moments as they come, and make it easy for your team to share critical information in real time.

Incorporate analytics for data-driven sales content

Don’t leave your team to develop strategies without any support. Let analytics guide the way, and create data-driven content that’s impactful and successful.

Every rep is equipped to win with real-time enablement

Knowing what to do or say when a prospect responds to a sales pitch is never easy. While some reps learn to roll with the punches, everyone can use support. Sales enablement features like competitive battle cards, data-driven sales content, and other resources will keep your team prepared for anything.

Grow your sales team without losing traction

Flockjay is the best platform for controlled and strategic growth. Expand your sales force and increase revenue without losing sight of the bigger picture or your current strategies. Scale up and maintain best practices to ensure success across the board.

Create a framework for peer-to-peer learning

When your salespeople work together, they can succeed as a unit. Flockjay gives your team the means to communicate and collaborate, whether they’re in office or remote. Create a community of cooperation and facilitate peer-to-peer learning.

An integrated cloud solution for always-updated content

Flockjay is an all-in-one software solution that helps you put updated enablement resources in front of your sales representatives whenever they need them. Update your content from one place and make it accessible across your physical and virtual sales floors.

Industries We Empower

Flockjay has universal features to help any sales team succeed, yet the platform’s flexibility can accommodate the specific challenges of your industry.


The current tech field is one of the most competitive around. Flockjay can keep you one step ahead of the curve, providing your reps with all the enablement resources they need to beat the competition.


Have trouble finding a competitive edge and gaining more B2B clients? Let Flockjay equip your sales force with the necessary tools to close lucrative manufacturing deals.


With the financial scene changing left and right, it pays to have a single source of truth for sales content and enablement tools. Flockjay can keep your team on track, ensuring they provide the most up-to-date information.


Healthcare sales can be complex, requiring thorough product knowledge and tailored propositions for every pitch. Flockjay can empower your agents with valuable insights and enablement resources to make it happen.


Media sales pitches often involve direct comparison between you and your rivals. With Flockjay, your sales force can use competitive insights to their advantage, giving potential customers more than enough reasons to close a deal.