Data-driven conversation intelligence software for sales teams

Flockjay’s data-driven conversation intelligence integrations captures the best moments from sales communication and analyzes each win, so you can easily replicate best practices from top reps. Read on to learn how Flockjay helps your sales team take flight.

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How the Flockjay platform improves sales strategy

The Flockjay platform can improve every aspect of your sales strategy — from prospecting to closing. Peer-to-peer learning enablement brings your sales team to the next level, ensuring that all of your reps are in the loop about the best way to sell your product or service.

Sales teams handle a ton of cold calls, pitches, sales calls, and follow-ups every day. When they’re cycling through these calls, they may not always pick up on the best tactics or recognize the mistakes they’re making. Also, top rep strategies may be siloed and difficult for other reps to learn if their sales calls aren’t being recorded and analyzed.

Capture, analyze, and enhance customer conversations

With Flockjay’s conversation intelligence tools, you can easily capture and analyze customer conversations. Getting every angle of the sales call will allow you to learn where reps need to improve and where they’re excelling.

Understand how top reps achieve their wins

Your top reps who are always winning can be a huge help to the rest of your team, but only if you’re letting your team learn from them. With conversation intelligence tools, you can understand how top reps are selling, what strategies they’re using, and what language is overcoming objections and pushing the sale through.

Share best practices with your entire team

When you’ve put together the best practices for selling your product or service, you can easily push training and sales materials to the sales team using Flockjay’s platform. Flockjay provides a single source of truth for sales teams, allowing them to access the most up-to-date sales processes you’ve submitted.

Identify coaching opportunities to help SDRs grow

Flockjay also helps you identify skill gaps on your team, creating personalized and dynamic training paths for reps based on their goals.

Generate insights to inform top-level sales strategy

Flockjay provides you with in-depth analytics and insights to inform your sales strategy and optimize it on the fly. With Flockjay, the best insights always rise to the top, making sure you’ve prepared your team with the best training, sales materials, and strategies possible.

Automate the process for effortless improvement

Conversation intelligence is automated, so SDRs can focus on high-level strategy instead of the tedious stuff. They’ll get important insights and analytics without having to lift a finger.

Industries We Empower

Flockjay helps sales teams win across all industries. Here are a few industries we empower.


Technology teams need to get their sales strategy just right to compete with the saturated tech market. Learn the best way to word your sales pitches and close more deals.


Manufacturing sales teams need to sell their prospects on efficiency and efficacy. With Flockjay, they’ll be able to find the most efficient way to sell and tell prospects exactly what they need to hear.


Finance teams know the value of a good investment. Investing in Flockjay will provide your sales teams with the strategies of top reps, pushing the sale home more often than not.


Healthcare is highly competitive, so your reps need to know how to quickly demonstrate the value of your product or service. With peer-to-peer learning, there won’t be any question about the best way forward.


Sales teams that sell ads and media know that it’s all about metrics and ROI. With Flockjay, you’ll have the data-driven insights you need to sell better and sell more often.