Never Lose a Winnable Deal

Train Your Reps with Best Practices from Your Top Performers

What Flockjay can do

With Flockjay, Enterprises can easily keep up to speed with changing market conditions by creating training material from the best practices of top performers.

Easily Capture Winning Strategies

Use automation to prompt reps at key points in the sales cycle to create updates and insights on existing opportunities. Learn why you are winning deals in real-time.

Organize Seller Content for Easy Discovery

Consolidate systems across your tech stack with peer-to-peer learning, content management, and continuous learning in one platform.

Build Your Playbook

Build your sales playbook with proven strategies from top-performing reps. Instantly create and assign courses that meet your team’s needs.


Seamless integrations across your tech stack keep your reps doing what they do best, selling while allowing system administrators the ability easily identify and promote key insights for the team.


Don’t let another great idea die in Slack. Integrate Flockjay into your existing tech stack to automatically capture seller knowledge from your team at key moments in the sales cycle. Drive accountability with full visibility into team participation.

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Use key information from Salesforce records and domain tags to organize training material and knowledge from the field in one place. Give your team lighting-fast access to the training they need by pushing new lessons or hiding old content with one click.

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Flockjay allows leaders to easily surface and spotlight the best lessons and win stories to scale best practices across the enterprise. Go beyond static sales training and incorporate real-world tasks to demonstrate knowledge retention.

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