Learn with the Best

Leverage the Power of Peer-to-Peer Learning for your Sales Team

Leverage the best practices from your top performing reps in your sales training material and watch your engagement rates rise

Just-in-time Micro-lessons

Meeting ended 10min early? Reps get served curated “best of” content from leadership, enablement, marketing.

Capture Best Practices

With Flockjay, you can work within your reps existing workflows to capture best practices from your reps for use in training material.

Role-based automation

Integrations with HRIS systems to automatically add, permission, and assign learning content based on custom rules and logic, no CSVs required.

Work with Shadow Enablement

Have reps that are enabling themselves? Work with, not against, those efforts by capturing those efforts within your enablement platform.

Real-time Product Feedback

Keep your product team’s in the loop on the latest from the field.

Ensure Sales Readiness

Create certifications and interactive learning paths to map skills across different trainings to get a holstic readiness score for each rep.

Analytics that Drive Outcomes

Integrate with Salesforce or your favorite data lake to map learner activity to behavior change, and behavior change to revenue outcomes.

Create Learning Paths

Enablement teams and sales managers can create frictionless learning paths to onboard and train sales reps.

Track Progress

Create simple to use assessments to demonstrate rep comprehension and awards badges or certifications as reps make progress

Play it Back

Practice makes perfect. Have reps record themselves practicing a pitch and provide feedback.

Enable Managers

Don’t go it alone. Empower your sales leaders to help create content for your team.

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