Peer-to-peer learning tools for successful sales teams

Create a culture of learning and develop a successful sales team built on trust, collaboration, and shared insights. With the Flockjay platform, you can facilitate peer-to-peer learning across your entire sales floor. Whether you have people in the office, working remotely, or both, the Flockjay platform enables continued growth and development for your business.

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The Flockjay platform creates sales communities

Sales has a reputation for being fiercely competitive. While that’s certainly the case between rival companies, it doesn’t have to be that way internally. The most successful sales companies have a culture that revolves around collaboration.

Flockjay is one of the best solutions to create a strong sales community. The software connects your team in real time through a virtual sales floor, allowing you to leverage the power of peer learning while providing tools for coaching, motivation, and more.

Create a strong culture of sales team insights

If you’re seeing success with one sales rep, imagine what your team could do if they worked together! Flockjay makes it easy to share insights on the fly, helping you build a team that wins as a unit.

Turn top reps into internal thought leaders

Your superstar sellers are valuable coaches. Capture winning moments, turn your other reps into students, and develop new company-wide sales strategies.

Capture new ideas and share them in real time

Salespeople can gain insight at any moment. Don’t wait until your next meeting to share the knowledge! Capture new ideas and use the Flockjay software to spread the word instantly.

Virtual roundtable classes for training and coaching

Training is instrumental for the continued flourishing of your sales force. Gather your reps around a virtual roundtable for real-time coaching and innovative digital lessons — all while harnessing Flockjay’s tools to develop necessary sales skills.

Turn remote sales reps into a tight-knit community

Just because your team members are remote doesn’t mean they have to miss out on in-office culture. Connect your remote workers and create a tight-knit community of support and collaborative learning.

Support rapidly evolving sales enablement

Flockjay is feature-rich enablement that can give your reps everything they need to excel. Manage your ever-changing enablement strategies and keep everyone up to date.

Industries We Empower

Unlock a learning valuable learning tools no matter what industry you’re in. Flockjay serves a wide range of companies, offering flexible features that match your needs.


Technology is constantly evolving. Keep your team updated on every game-changing innovation and deliver accurate messaging to all your customers.


Appealing to B2B clients requires experience, knowledge, and proven sales insight. Let your team collaborate to land big accounts and close sizable manufacturing deals.


Selling financial products and services isn’t easy. But when your team can work together to develop strategies and share insights, they’re better equipped to make a lasting impact on prospects.


Peer coaching and learning can make all the difference when navigating the complex healthcare sales market. Create a community of sharing and support while turning superstar strategies into winning moments for all.


Media sales requires updated knowledge and innovative sales tactics. Make it easy for your sales force to share insights in real time and drive success in an ever-changing market.