It’s Time for People-Powered Performance

People-Powered Performance is a movement towards equitable access to continual learning and professional development for all and designed for the modern knowledge-driven sales professional.

A Message From Our CEO

It is time we move on from the existing onboarding and training methodologies and reimagine a better way to empower sales reps to reach their full potential, and empower managers to best support that growth.

Shaan Hathiramani

Creating Career Paths that Change Lives

Given that the sales profession has the ability to create generational wealth, what do you do within your organization to create career paths that change lives?

Shaan Harthiramani

Bryant Lau

Making Teams More Self-Sufficient

How do you build a sense of community while working remotely?

Alanna Shepard

Bo Clark

Juhi Khatri

KJ Shah

Andre Sottil

Rewarding the Overlooked

How do you give space for everyone on the team?

Lauren Polinski

Mark Craig

Kaisha Hohenstein

Each One, Teach One

How do you create paths forward for the next sales professional?

Keshia Hohenstein

Ashima Gauba

Truman Nguyen

Empowering Sales Teams to Build Communities that Foster Greater Engagement, Collaboration, and Efficiency

How has your approach to sales management changed in the past 2 years?

Chris Cater

Michael Depallens

Preventing Career Stagnation Due to Blockages in Learning or Lack of Resources for Learning

As a manager, how do you enable peer-to-peer learning within your organization?

Lauren Polinski

Chris Cater

Pablo Pollard