Identify Coaching Moments

Better Train Your Managers to Elevate Your Team

Configure Flockjay to identify the unique coaching moments for your mangers and quickly assign the relevant training material to adjust behavior.

Flockjay AI

Managers can’t get to every hour of recordings, Flockjay can use sales methodology frameworks or custom frameworks to assess quality scores for seller interactions.

Automate Coaching Moments

Identify key performance indicators you wish to correct and trigger real-time alerts when notified.

Real-time Analytics

Take a birds eye view across managers to identify teams with common or emerging challenges, and others who are figuring things out effectively.

Win reviews and Real-time Deal Insights

Capture insights from the field at key moments of the deal to build your own internal database of institutional knowledge.

Leaderboards and Gamification

Make learning fun. Create competition on your team by tracking progress and sharing with your team.


Prompt your team to share insights and best practices. Increase engagement on platform delivers winning knowledge.

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