Scale your team’s winning strategies with Flockjay

Don’t lose any more deals because reps don’t have access to the winning strategies that are stuck in call recordings, slack, or other rep's heads.


Don’t let another great idea die in Slack. Integrate Flockjay into your existing tech stack to automatically capture seller knowledge from your team at key moments in the sales cycle. Drive accountability with full visibility into team participation.

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Use key information from Salesforce records and domain tags to organize training material and knowledge from the field in one place. Give your team lighting-fast access to the training they need by pushing new lessons or hiding old content with one click.

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Flockjay allows leaders to easily surface and spotlight the best lessons and win stories to scale best practices across the enterprise. Go beyond static sales training and incorporate real-world tasks to demonstrate knowledge retention.

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Sales Leaders

Don’t let lessons learned from past deals slip away. Understand your customer, sales cycles, and win themes with precision by promoting the best win stories. Be ready for the next opportunity.

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Revenue Operations

There are many strategies for increasing deal velocity, win rates, and deal size. But only one uses the winning strategies your team already knows. Empower your team to optimize execution.

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Sales Enablement

Dramatically increase the speed and quality of team training. Automate knowledge capture workflows, build interactive courses and certifications with powerful authoring tools, and scale winning strategies that reps can implement on Day 1.

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What Sales Teams are Saying

Teams of every size use Flockjay to build next-generation sales teams.

I don't know of a single sales team that doesn't need the Flockjay platform. I've been at the biggest sales orgs - Salesforce, Microsoft, IBM - and none of them have this.

DP Brightful
President, WW Field Operations

Use Cases

Whether you just hired your first sales rep or need to meet the needs of a fast-growing enterprise, Flockjay is there to help you grow your business with your organization’s winning knowledge.


Your sales enablement strategy needs to start with the first sales hire. Bring Flockjay to your organization so that your sales team has the resources to succeed on day one.

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Flockjay Elevate supercharges content management, learning management, and continuous learning for mighty enablement teams

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Train Your Reps with Best Practices from Your Top Performers

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