A complete platform for remote sales teams

Flockjay provides an incredible all-in-one platform to connect remote sales teams and enable them to do their best work.

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How Flockjay’s integrated tools enable online sales reps

Flockjay’s integrated tools are made to help every member of your sales team, including online and remote sales reps. Using the various features on our platform can empower them to close more deals, connect with their fellow reps, and share top strategies with peer-to-peer learning. Here are just a few of the things Flockjay’s features enable you to do.

Improve onboarding and training with our LMS

Flockjay’s learning management system is customizable for your sales team, providing you with tools to improve and optimize onboarding and training for remote reps. Your remote reps will never miss a beat, and being out of the office will have no effect on the quality of their training. They’ll get the best training materials and personalized training paths to help them hit the ground running.

Give SDRs a complete sales enablement suite

SDRs will have access to a suite of sales enablement features. They can easily see the skills gaps on their sales team, identify opportunities for more focused training, and more. With Flockjay, remote SDRs will never feel removed from the process. Reps will always be able to communicate with them and get quality training.

Make success fun with sales gamification tools

Sometimes, it can be difficult for remote reps to stay motivated. Flockjay makes winning fun for remote reps with sales gamification tools and leaderboards that reward their success and show their goal progress. Hitting sales targets has never been this fun.

Derive valuable insights with automated analytics

Flockjay provides you with in-depth insights and analytics to see how remote reps are doing and where they can improve. Your analytics are automated for you, so there’s no effort on your end — just the best information to make smart, data-driven decisions.

Refine your sales strategy with conversation intelligence

Flockjay’s conversation intelligence tools help you glean the best insights from top performers. Conversation intelligence tools record sales calls and interactions, analyzing the winning calls and pulling relevant data to improve your sales strategy, share with the rest of your team, and optimize your sales materials.

Empower leaders with sales management software

Remote sales leaders need a way to keep up with their team. With Flockjay, they get comprehensive sales management software that can help them empower their sales teams and bring them to the next level.

Industries We Empower

Flockjay empowers remote sales teams across a wide variety of industries, including:


Technology sales teams know the value of quality software for remote work. With Flockjay, they’ll have all the tools they need to empower their sales process no matter where they are.


Remote manufacturing sales teams need to keep up with the latest updates on their products and services. With Flockjay, they always have access to updated product materials and sales training.


Remote finance sales teams need to be able to connect and share the best strategies with their peers. With Flockjay, remote peer-to-peer learning couldn’t be easier. Your sales reps will have no problem optimizing their sales strategies to close more deals.


Remote healthcare sales teams need to keep up with the latest regulations and practices. With Flockjay, they’ll have a single source of truth for their product and service sales materials. Remote healthcare sales reps will always have the sales elevation tools to hit their sales targets.


Remote media sales teams know the value of good analytics. With Flockjay, your team can get the best insights to inform their data-driven decisions. They can also learn the most optimized strategies for selling their ads and media products.