Learn the Story Behind the Numbers

Increase revenue with increased access to winning knowledge

What Flockjay can do

Drive increased speed in ramping, continuous learning, and professional development for your go-to-market teams by learning the story behind the wins.

Winning Knowledge for GTM Teams

Don’t let your team’s great ideas die in Slack. Capture, Structure, and Surface winning knowledge for your go-to-market team with the power of the Flockjay platform.

Work Where Your Reps Work

To increase the speed of learning within your organization, you need to work where your reps work. Integrations with Gong, Slack, Salesforce, and others make it easy to work where your reps work.

Train with Winning Knowledge

Train new sales reps faster with win stories and other winning knowledge from your top performing reps using easy to follow guided learning experiences where your reps are already working.

Implement and Administer with Ease

Launch your winning knowledge platform within 30 days to see the benefits of peer-to-peer enablement. Regular check-ins with a dedicated customer support representative ensure your success on the platform.