Sales data analytics tools for building next-gen teams

If you want to take your sales team into the modern era, you have to equip them with sales data analytics tools. With Flockjay, you can give your teams the power of in-depth sales analytics and much more. Learn more about how our analytics can help your team below.

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Powerful use cases for data-driven sales strategy

The best sales strategies are backed by good data. With accurate and actionable data at your fingertips, you can optimize your sales strategies and break through sales targets. Here are some powerful use cases for Flockjay’s sales analytics tools that your sales teams can take advantage of.

Actionable KPI tracking for sales teams

Flockjay allows you to get a top-down overview of your sales team’s performance. Input your most important key performance indicators and initiate tracking to find out what’s working and what needs improvement. When you have actionable KPI tracking on your side, your team will always know where they stand in relation to their quarterly and annual goals.

Detailed performance metrics for individual reps

KPIs at the team level are important, but you also want detailed performance metrics for your individual reps. This allows each of your reps to find their strengths and weaknesses, discover opportunities, and set their goals.

Identify coaching opportunities at a granular level

Individual and team metrics also allow sales coaches to find where more training is needed. Revealing these invaluable coaching opportunities allows coaches to solve issues at a granular level. They can develop specialized training programs or seminars for weak points, optimize sales content to address specific areas of the sales pipeline, and more.

Give managers a single source of truth for sales data

When you have multiple sales managers and multiple sales teams, it’s easy for your sales data to get muddled or siloed across different platforms. Flockjay gives all of your sales data a home, connecting it and creating a single source of truth for your managers, reps, coaches, and other team members — no more duplicates or inaccurate data.

A/B test your sales content and iterate your strategy

Flockjay enables A/B testing of your sales content so you can find the specific areas that work best and the parts that need optimization. As you continue to A/B test your sales content and identify the strongest elements, you can iterate your strategy indefinitely, ensuring you’re always providing reps with the best versions of your content.

See what’s working in real time and quickly scale successes

Flockjay takes in real-time analytics and feeds you data on winning strategies from your best reps. This enables managers to quickly put these strategies into practice and scale success across your teams. Your reps will always be able to see and access the best practices for your product or service.

Industries We Empower

Flockjay’s sales analytics tools empower a number of industries. These are a few examples of industries taking advantage of our advanced analytics platform.


To remain competitive, SaaS sales teams need to identify customer pain points, hit the right pricing for their clients, and push their products better than their many competitors. With Flockjay, you can use sales data to enhance your strategy, find where you’re losing customers, and support each rep in selling more.


The fintech industry is rife with regulations and insider knowledge. To ensure your sales team knows how to sell fintech products, use sales data to create the best sales content and get an accurate picture of what customers are responding to.


Enterprise-level businesses are often among the most difficult clients to sell to. You need a strong sales pipeline and an even stronger sales team. With sales data, you can ensure your team is well equipped and trained on the best strategies to get client buy-in every time.

IT Software

Selling software to IT teams takes special tactics, and lead generation can be difficult. With in-depth analytics, you can find the best way for your sales teams to tackle IT software–selling strategies.

B2B Tech Sales

Flockjay gives B2B tech sales teams the advantages they need to sell more product. With in-depth analytics, you can identify the parts of your pipeline that just aren’t working, allowing you to iterate and optimize — and your sales teams to capitalize on more opportunities.