Invest in the most important part of your sales stack: your people

Flockjay helps Sales Leaders unlock the potential of their entire sales team by capturing, organizing, and sharing best practices

Flockjay for Sales Development Leaders

Bring Back the Energy of the Sales Floor

Sales leaders everywhere have lost the energy of the sales floor with the move to remote work. Don’t miss a step with Flockjay. Keep your team connected and motivated.

See What is Working in Real-Time

Unite the data across your entire tech stack to get a comprehensive view of how your team is performing.

Recruit Top Performing Teams

Attract top talent to your team with a demonstrated commitment to their individual growth.

Train Team Members for Their Next Role

Invest in your team members’ growth using internal and externally created content that propels your team members into their next role.

Build the dream team of tomorrow, today.

With Flockjay by your side, you are investing in the growth of your team members.

See what is working in real-time

Connect to your CRM to track rep performance against team members and industry trends. Quickly identify skill gaps before performance is impacted.

Virtual sales floor

Motivate your team with a virtual sales floor. Regardless of where your reps sit, bring them all together via a virtual sales floor to enable collaboration and team growth.

Leverage a community

Don’t go it alone. Learn the best practices from a community of expert sales leaders.

Built for Sales People by Sales People