Elevate your sales team with Flockjay

Flockjay is the ultimate all-in one sales elevation platform to get every member of your sales team more wins.

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How Flockjay empowers sales reps, managers, and leaders

Flockjay empowers sales reps, managers, and leaders to do their best work. The features Flockjay offers help your team capture insights, learn from one another, find the motivation to sell, and more.

Unify your department with an all-in-one sales suite

With Flockjay, your sales team will be unified under one umbrella. Flockjay acts as a single source of truth for your sales team, where they can always find the most up-to-date sales materials and training. Flockjay also makes communication between reps, managers, and leaders simple — whether they’re in the office or remote.

Reduce ramp time with optimal onboarding and training

Flockjay provides onboarding and training tools to ramp new reps faster while also readying them to do amazing work as soon as they get started. With quality onboarding and training, you’re more likely to retain your new hires and turn them into top performers for your team.

Enable peer-to-peer learning with a custom sales LMS

Flockjay enables peer-to-peer learning with a learning management system (LMS) customized to your team. Reps can collaborate, learn from top performers, and easily communicate with their sales coaches. Sales coaches can identify skill gaps and create personalized training plans to help reps reach new heights.

Motivate reps with sales leaderboards and gamification

Flockjay provides tools for sales gamification and motivation. Your sales reps will get access to real-time leaderboards that show off top rep success and encourage reps to reach and surpass their targets. Flockjay makes selling fun for reps.

Measure and improve performance with real-time analytics

Flockjay helps you improve rep performance with real-time analytics and in-depth insights. Using the data dashboard, you can learn where reps are excelling and where they could use some work. This provides more opportunities for rep development along with optimizing training paths to turn them into the best rep possible

Build a strong community for in-office and remote SDRs

Remote SDRs and sales reps can feel isolated from the pack. With Flockjay, you can connect all members of your sales team and make communication simple. Everyone can feel like part of the team.

Industries We Empower

Flockjay empowers sales teams in a wide variety of industries to do their best work. Here are some of the industries we help:


Technology sales teams can use Flockjay to connect remote teams, nail down best practices, and provide the latest training for your product and service updates.


Manufacturing sales teams can always count on Flockjay to enable their reps to make more sales and follow the best strategies from top reps.


Finance sales teams that invest in Flockjay will see the value it brings to the table with motivational and gamification tools for the team, peer-to-peer learning, and effective training and coaching features.


Sales teams in the highly competitive world of healthcare will love the insights that Flockjay provides, which can improve sales strategies, rep performance, and more.


Media sales teams will value the data-driven insights that Flockjay provides. They can find the best way to optimize their strategies and find the most efficient way to close the sale.