Equip your team with the best sales enablement tools

Flockjay is the ultimate sales enablement platform for sales teams everywhere. It will give your team the tools, content, and strategies they need to excel.

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This is how Flockjay enables your sales team to excel

A simple, effective framework for success

Flockjay is an intuitive platform that is simple for any sales team to utilize, with complicated and proven programming under the surface. Using Flockjay’s analytics and peer-to-peer learning tools, you can create a robust framework for success.

Remote teams? No problem. Implement a global sales plan

Getting everyone on a remote team on the same page can be difficult at best. But with Flockjay, it’s a breeze. Flockjay connects your team like never before and enables an incredibly collaborative peer-to-peer learning environment.

Develop enterprise-scale strategies for B2B ROI

Implement in-depth analytics that allow your team to create enterprise-level strategies and increase ROI for B2B sales teams. Flockjay’s automated process helps you build best practices, identify opportunities for improvement, and much more.

Deploy automated performance measurement

Identify what KPIs and metrics are most essential to your sales team, and let Flockjay’s automated performance assessment tools take over. Then you just let your sales team do what they do.

Surface and standardize sales team best practices

The more data you collect, the more you’ll be able to see what your best reps are doing. You can track and analyze how they sell, what works, and what doesn’t. Then deploy best practices in onboarding and training.

Generate data-driven insights that increase revenue

As your sales team sells, Flockjay analytics generate data-driven insights right away. With this real-time sales intelligence in hand, you can develop and implement new strategies to improve and enhance your sales team.

Industries We Empower

Every sales team can benefit from sales enablement, so we made sure to design our software to be universal, but customizable enough to fit the specific needs of your marketplace.


SaaS products and services can be complicated, with unique value propositions for each prospect. Using Flockjay, your team can see how the best reps do it and get analytics that help them sell to everyone.


Sales teams in the finance industry can use sales enablement to share best practices and stay up to date with regulations through single-source-of-truth sales content.


Enterprise-scale sales enablement requires a robust platform with fully integrated tools. Flockjay sales enablement unifies the tools your sales team needs so reps can win career-making contracts.

IT Software

IT software sales requires a detailed, technical understanding of the pain points for each prospect. Help every sales rep become a tech specialist, ready to demonstrate your value proposition and close deals.