Give your team the sales engagement tools to win every lead

Bring the power of a sales elevation platform to your team to achieve your performance and team development goals.

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This is how Flockjay elevates your sales team

Flockjay is a platform that enables your sales team to make the most of their leads, capture more opportunities, and hit their sales goals more efficiently. Here’s how our features work.

Unify workflows across your CRM, CMS, and comm channels

With Flockjay, all of your channels can be united and seamlessly integrated — no more crossing wires with your CRM, CMS, and comms. Instead, everything will work together and run more smoothly. When everything is connected, your sales team can get more done and tackle more leads.

Engage prospects, execute strategy, and drive your pipeline

Sales elevation streamlines your sales pipeline. Your reps will be able to engage prospects on a large but still more personalized scale, and strategy is never sacrificed in the name of efficiency. Your team will always have what they need to execute the best strategies available.

Equip sales reps with next-gen sales resources

Your sales reps can engage more prospects and capture more leads when they have sales resources optimized to address every customer concern. With next-gen sales resources, reps can always be confident in what they’re presenting to their prospects.

Improve productivity and eliminate nonselling tasks

Flockjay enables automation of nonselling, repeatable tasks. This frees your sales team to focus on what matters: improving their productivity and their sales numbers simultaneously. Flockjay lets your team work smarter not harder.

Develop a data-driven playbook for sales success

With Flockjay’s in-depth analytics, you can create a data-driven playbook and hone your strategy to get your sales team more wins. You don’t have to rely on instinct and guesswork when the answers are in the data. Get reports and dashboards that show you what’s working and what isn’t.

Track every customer touchpoint in your sales cycle

Tracking customers through the sales cycle allows you to see which touchpoints resonate with customers and which cause the most to drop out. With Flockjay, you can fully optimize your sales pipeline using real, actionable insights.

Industries We Empower

Flockjay is designed to help sales teams in any environment and any industry. Here are just a few of the industries that benefit from using Flockjay’s sales elevation and engagement software.


The software as a service industry generates plenty of leads, but sales teams inevitably waste time on prospects that are just testing the waters. Flockjay allows these sales teams to engage prospects who are actually interested and push them through the sales pipeline more easily.


Flockjay lets fintech sales teams put forward the best possible sales content for clients and capture more leads that convert. Data analytics allows these teams to track and optimize the sales cycle to overcome common prospect objections.


Enterprise sales teams need to make the most of every lead, since average customer value is incredibly high. With Flockjay, sales reps can focus on the best leads and use the best sales resources to close the deal.

IT Software

When your sales team captures a promising IT software prospect, they want to put their best foot forward and ensure the prospect gets what they need. Using Flockjay, your sales team will have a data-driven playbook to sell to IT teams and present your product in a way that resonates with these prospects.

B2B Tech Sales

B2B tech sales reps need to communicate value quickly to their prospects. With Flockjay, they can pursue the best leads and show them your product is what they’re missing. When you want your B2B tech sales teams to close more deals, Flockay is the platform to help.