Motivate your team with Flockjay’s sales leaderboard

A sales leaderboard is great for motivating your team and creating some healthy competition.

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How Flockjay helps managers increase sales team performance

Flockjay is a sales elevation platform that helps sales reps and managers reach their goals. With our sales leaderboard tools, you’ll be amazed at how fast sales team performance improves. Here are just a few of the benefits your team will get with Flockjay.

Celebrate sales team success on a shared dashboard

Track and celebrate individual accomplishments as well as shared team goals. This will encourage and motivate reps to do their best to contribute and succeed.

Recognize top performers and reward wins

A sales leaderboard will ensure top performers feel recognized, motivating other reps to reach the top. It will also make rewards and goals more tangible.

Create an engaged, connected sales community

When your sales team members can all see what they’re working toward, they’ll feel more engaged and connected as a team.

Motivate both in-office and remote sales reps

Your shared dashboard and leaderboard can be accessed by in-office and remote reps, connecting your team no matter where they are.

Encourage peer-to-peer skill-building

Flockjay includes tools for peer-to-peer learning. All of your reps can learn from your top performers, so the best strategies will always rise to the top.

Track SDR performance in a transparent, fun way

Making performance highly visible to the whole team will ensure your company goals are transparent and make the sales process more fun for managers and SDRs alike.

Industries We Empower

Flockjay is built for sales teams across all industries. If you’re looking for software for your sales stack that empowers your sales team to get more wins, Flockjay is the answer.


Foster competition and community in your technology sales team with Flockjay. You can ensure your team always knows what the next goal is and how to hit their shared goals for the quarter.


Your manufacturing sales team can use Flockjay to encourage and motivate all your reps. Use our leaderboard software to see which reps are performing their best and show your other reps how to do the same.


Finance sales teams can make the most of Flockjay’s data-driven tools to encourage and motivate them to sell more and win more. Each rep can access the dashboard and see how their goal progression is going.


Healthcare sales teams can connect with Flockjay and learn the best strategies for selling in your local area, your region, or across the country. Leaderboards and other motivational tools can link all of your in-office and remote teams together.


Media sales teams operate in a competitive industry, so make sure that spirit continues in the office. With Flockjay’s motivational tools, your media sales team will always be striving for the next win.