An advanced learning management system for sales teams

Flockjay provides the most advanced learning management system (LMS) for sales teams by combining features for peer-to-peer learning, analytics, and more.

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How Flockjay improves sales education

With Flockjay, you can improve every aspect of sales education. Give your sales team the learning edge they need by enabling them with incredible features for peer-to-peer learning, remote learning, onboarding, training, and more. Here are some of the things you can do when you use Flockjay.

Create a virtual classroom for every SDR

SDRs can coach and train their reps from anywhere. A virtual classroom environment makes it easy for reps to ask questions, get feedback, and connect more with their coaches. Live virtual training can make remote teams feel more connected and allow them to access their training videos from anywhere.

Improve onboarding, training, and coaching

From onboarding to training to coaching, Flockjay is the tide that lifts all boats. When your coaches have the Flockjay platform, they can ramp reps much faster while also equipping them with the right lessons to get them selling right away. Continuous training for your reps is easier than ever too. All of your reps will always have a personalized path to reach their career and sales goals.

Build a content library of lessons and courses

Flockjay acts as a single source of truth for your sales content, lessons, and courses. Your reps will always be able to access the most up-to-date sales materials from your content library — no more data silos and outdated materials. You can upload to your Flockjay content library, and every rep will see the same thing.

Enable peer-to-peer learning and mentorship

One of Flockjay’s most powerful features is enabling peer-to-peer learning and mentorship. Peer-to-peer learning allows reps to learn from your top performers, using the best strategies and implementing them as well. Conversation intelligence tools can also analyze your top reps’ sales interactions and share them with the rest of the team.

Apply advanced analytics to refine your LMS

Flockjay provides advanced and in-depth analytics that can help you perfect your training strategies, identify skill gaps, and find the best learning opportunities for team members.

Create a sales community for remote teams

Flockjay connects remote teams and helps them communicate, collaborate, and create a real, engaged sales community. Your remote reps don’t have to feel isolated or unmotivated when you have Flockjay in your sales stack.

Industries We Empower

Flockjay helps sales teams across a wide variety of industries. Here are just a few industries we empower.


Sales teams in the technology industry will appreciate the advanced features that Flockjay offers. Tech teams need to be fully trained and familiar with the latest updates to their products and services. With Flockjay, they can always stay up to date with the best practices and new materials.


Manufacturing sales teams can use Flockjay’s peer-to-peer learning and virtual training to employ the best sales strategies and learn the most effective way to sell their product or service.


Finance sales teams need to convince their prospects of value, and Flockjay gives these teams all the tools they need to find their company’s latest training materials, learn from other reps, and stay motivated to win more.


Sales teams in the healthcare industry use Flockjay to stay connected, ensuring they’re up to date on the latest regulations in the health industry for their product or service.


Sales teams in the media industry will appreciate the in-depth analytics and insights that Flockjay provides them. From peer-to-peer learning and conversation intelligence, they can discover the most effective way to sell advertisements and other media products or services.