Elevate and motivate your team, wherever they are

Bring the power of a Sales Elevation Platform to your team to achieve your performance and team development goals

Flockjay for Sales Development Managers

Coach with Data-Driven Insights

Leverage the data from across your sales and marketing technology stack to identify skill gaps on your team.

Develop and Recruit Top Talent

Invest in the most important part of your sales stack, your people. With Flockjay, you are making a commitment to the growth and development of your sales team.

Identify Skill Gaps Before Performance is Impacted

Don’t wait until quota has been impacted to improve the skills of your team. Address them in real-time with Flockjay.

Ramp Reps Quicker in a Remote Work Environment

Reps no longer have the convenience of learning from the person next to them in the office but with Flockjay, you sit each employee next to your best reps.

Built for Sales People by Sales People