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Help employees ramp faster with effective sales readiness, onboarding, training, and coaching solutions

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Elevate your sales onboarding program with Flockjay

Turn top reps’ strategies into new employees’ best practices

One of the most powerful tools in the Flockjay platform is peer-to-peer learning enablement. Our sales intelligence tools track the strategies that your best reps use to win, so new reps hit the ground running.

A sales training platform that learns and grows with your team

Flockjay helps you build a sales dream team with training programs that evolve based on what works. Using analytics and data-driven AI, you can quickly identify where reps succeed and where they fail.

Every employee has a personalized plan for sales success

With in-depth performance analytics, you’ll be able to measure success at the individual level. This allows sales coaches and managers to help employees create personalized plans for training.

Team-wide macro metrics help your whole department onboard better

Individual performance is important, but team-wide success is the key driver for next-gen sales success. Flockjay gives you a bird’s-eye view of your team to inform overall onboarding strategy.

Sales managers benefit from a more effective, efficient onboarding process

Flockjay makes sales onboarding exponentially better for sales reps, but it’s also a great experience for sales managers. Leaders on your sales team will spend less time training new reps and more time growing sales channels.

Identify areas for managers to improve their onboarding skills

There’s always room for improvement, even for sales managers. With Flockjay’s analytics, you can index sales rep performance against their onboarding experience, so you can identify opportunities for training managers to improve.

Industries We Empower

Develop your sales department, empower your managers, and give reps the tools they need to succeed, whether they’re remote or in-office.


Prospects in the SaaS industry have widely varying needs. With Flockjay onboarding, you can make sure new reps know how to answer every question and solve every pain point.


The finance industry has complicated products and compliance to consider. New sales reps can be onboarded quickly and hit the ground running in this highly technical space.


Onboarding new reps for enterprise-scale sales can be difficult. With large high-stakes contracts, every rep needs to be confident and competent, right out of the gate.

IT Software

When you’re selling IT software products, you need to have a detailed, technical understanding of your prospect’s pain points. IT evolves quickly, so your team must stay up to date.