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Flockjay is designed to enhance sales performance and develop winning sales teams

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How Flockjay elevates sales performance management

Flockjay makes it easy for sales managers to help their teams take flight with our suite of powerful sales tools. Here are some of the features you can use with the Flockjay platform.

A single dashboard for tracking sales team success

Flockjay provides you with a single centralized dashboard for tracking the successes of your sales team. You’ll be able to see where the gaps are, where people are thriving, and so much more. With your Flockjay dashboard, you’ll never be in the dark.

Develop valuable insights for onboarding and training

The data and insights you glean from Flockjay will allow you to create more impactful onboarding and training practices. You’ll be able to ramp up new reps much faster than before while turning them into sales superstars in the process.

Identify top performers and enable peer-to-peer learning

Flockjay shows you who your top performers are and what they’re doing that makes the difference. With peer-to-peer learning tools, you’ll be able to capture best practices and enable the rest of your team to put them into action.

Automate performance measurement in real time

No more spreadsheets or manual tracking input — with Flockjay, you can automate all of your performance measurements in real time, ensuring you get the most up-to-date and insightful data about your team’s successes and learning opportunities.

Performance analytics surface valuable sales intelligence

Flockjay analytics give you the tools to derive sales intelligence as your team engages with prospects. This helps you understand prospective clients and develop your sales strategy.

Help managers improve performance for remote sales reps

Remote work is the future, but it can be difficult to integrate for hands-on managers. With Flockjay, you’ll be able to train your remote reps easily and make them feel like part of the team, improving their performance in the process.

Industries We Empower

Flockjay is built for sales teams in every industry. No matter what your sales team is selling or where they’re selling it, using Flockjay will boost their performance and motivate them like never before.


Technology sales teams already know how important it is to have good software and insightful data. Ensure your tech sales teams have the best software at their fingertips too by giving them the insights Flockjay can provide.


The manufacturing industry is all about efficiency. Flockjay can help your manufacturing sales teams be more efficient too. They’ll learn the most effective strategies to sell and have data-driven insights into improving their sales tactics.


Finance sales teams know the value of smart investments. There’s no better investment in a sales team’s success than Flockjay, thanks to the tangible benefits and sales empowerment tools it provides.


Healthcare sales teams need to have the best strategies to compete in their competitive market. With Flockjay’s peer-to-peer learning, all of your reps can be top reps.


Sales teams in the media industry have to find the best way to sell ad space and marketing products. With Flockjay, they’ll always have the data and insights to put them on the best path to success.