Support New Reps with Optimal Sales Readiness

Flockjay is the best all-in-one solution for onboarding, training, enablement, and sales rep success.

Give your new sales representatives all the tools and support they need to hit the ground running. Train your team with winning strategies, have them stand on the shoulders of sales giants, and experience winning moments as soon as possible. With Flockjay, you can say goodbye to months of ramp time and experience top-notch sales readiness in all its glory.

How Flockjay empowers reps to win more deals on day one

Flockjay is the best platform for equipping your sales team with the tools, knowledge, skills, and insights to boost your bottom line. Sales environments are fast-paced, ever-changing, and more dynamic than ever. To a new rep, navigating the market is a massive undertaking. Please don't leave them to figure things out on their own. Turn every new salesperson into a rock star seller with Flockjay.

Reduce ramp time and increase early sales success

Traditionally, ramp time can take anywhere from a few months to nearly a year! During that time, many new reps fail to contribute to revenue teams, making their employment a risky investment. Instead of waiting for a lengthy ramp-up, use the Flockjay platform to increase early sales success. With proven training content, customized learning paths, and tons of opportunities to learn from others on the team, your new reps will see success in no time.

Create engaging, evolving sales content and training materials

Flockjay helps you create a growing collection of sales content and training materials that benefit your team beyond the initial readiness assessment. Make onboarding a breeze and deliver impactful lessons that stick. Don't rely on cookie-cutter lessons alone. Capture winning moments and use internal success to develop winning strategies and content that continues to deliver. You can create everything from sales scripts and competitive battle cards to real-time enablement content with Flockjay.

Replace your sales readiness checklist with an adaptive LMS

With Flockjay in your onboarding arsenal, you can improve every facet of the training process. The days of reading lengthy manuals, sitting down for boring lectures, and completing rudimentary readiness checklists are over. There are far more effective training methods, and Flockjay unlocks them all by providing an advanced LMS. Coach teams through virtual classrooms, deliver custom lessons for quick ramp-up and curate a collection of lessons every salesperson can use to stay up to date on selling techniques.

Integrate analytics with training to revolutionize readiness assessment

There's no better companion to your sales readiness program than data. Training is complex, and Flockjay ensures every individual gets the support they need. Instead of relying on checklists and simple observations, you can turn to data to get more insight into what every new rep needs. Identify potential skills gaps, learn more about strengths, and use the LMS to develop the right training program to meet their unique needs.

Create an engaging sales community for in-office and remote reps

Providing support is more than giving access to content, tools, and training. New reps need to feel support from their colleagues and peers. While sales often feel competitive, everyone on your team works toward the same goal. Flockjay software brings your reps together, regardless of where they work. Create a sense of community and keep everyone engaged and feeling supported across the board.

Cultivate peer-to-peer learning for strong teams that learn together

There's no better way to learn the ropes than by looking to peers. Turn your superstar sellers into natural educators. Capture those amazing sales moments and use them to develop winning strategies that everyone can use. Cultivate a peer-to-peer learning culture and encourage everyone to share tips, sales intelligence, and more. Your new reps will become sales-ready much quicker. Meanwhile, the rest of your team can continue learning and improving. When your sales force works as a unit with the Flockjay platform, they'll become unstoppable!

Industries We Empower

Flockjay is a powerful sales enablement and readiness platform that can prepare your team for anything. Best of all, it has the flexibility needed to accommodate the unique challenges your particular sector experiences.


Technology is notoriously competitive. If you want your business to reach the upper echelons of sales success, you need a team that's knowledgeable and well-equipped with enablement tools to outsell the competition. Your sales force needs impactful initial training programs to understand the ins and outs of your products and services. Not only that, but they require continued support to stay up to date on the evolution of your offerings.


Manufacturing sales to B2B clients can be challenging. But with the many tools and features of Flockjay, every rep will have what it takes to close these potentially lucrative deals. Flockjay is an impressive LMS solution and training platform that equips representatives with winning strategies for all sales scenarios.


In finance, the biggest obstacle is convincing potential customers of your product or service's value. In an ever-evolving market, that's a tall order. But Flockjay can help your sales force learn the latest strategies, share tips with one another, and stay motivated to keep winning in an already challenging field.


Don't let a lack of training and sales readiness prevent your new reps from reaching their full potential in health care sales. Encourage sales leaders to share their techniques, spread best practices for success, and create one of the best sales enablement programs the health care sales industry has ever seen.


Media sales are complex, whether you're selling specialty services or advertising space. It's a nuanced sales environment requiring in-depth industry knowledge, insight into competitor offerings, and more. Flockjay is a solution that delivers relevant sales content in real-time while preparing new reps to navigate a unique field without missing a beat.