The right tools to train top sales reps for success

Flockjay provides your team with unbeatable training tools to harness and hone their skill sets. With our LMS software platform, you can quickly elevate your sales team, empower them to share what they learn, and engage them with sales training like never before. Ready to learn more?

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This is how Flockjay elevates your sales team

How does Flockjay bring your sales team to the next level? We’re glad you asked. Our tools and features are designed to give your reps everything they need to succeed. Here’s what you’ll be able to do.

Create a virtual classroom for remote teams

Creating a bridge between sales development leaders and their remote teams can be difficult, but Flockjay makes it simple. Create a virtual classroom that makes remote teams feel like they’re right in the room with you. Engage them in real time, answer questions in live chat, and more.

Ramp reps onto the team effectively and efficiently

Onboarding your new reps and integrating them into the team right off the bat is essential. Flockjay provides onboarding tools where they can easily access the resources they need and connect and collaborate with other team members.

Turn winning strategies into new training courses

When your top reps are winning, those strategies should be spread to the rest of the team. You can easily record and analyze top strategies and convert them into robust training courses to make sure the rest of the sales team is on board and able to put these strategies into practice.

Iterate and perfect your B2B sales strategy

Flockjay learns as you learn. With our platform, you can take in the best strategies, perfect your training courses, and iterate on them continually. When you have Flockjay, your B2B sales strategy will be constantly optimized and tuned to fit the current needs of your customers.

Advanced analytics identify areas for improvement

Our advanced analytics layer will identify what’s working with your sales training and what isn’t. This allows you to spend less time finding issues and more time optimizing.

Reduce churn, retain talent, and ready reps for new roles

When your sales team is winning and enjoying their roles, they won’t want to leave. You get better sales reps, less churn, and senior talent who can help new reps hop into the fold seamlessly.

Industries We Empower

Flockjay is designed to work for sales teams in nearly every industry. These are just a few industries our platform is empowering today.


The software as a service industry is constantly changing, and sales teams need to stay on their toes. Flockjay makes it easy to update training and sales content so your team is always prepared to switch up their strategy to overcome client pain points.


The fintech industry requires sales teams to be up to date on the latest regulations, rules, and stipulations. Make sure they’re always well equipped for their sales calls with updated single source of truth sales content, training seminars, and anything else they might need.


When you’re primarily selling to enterprise-level businesses, it helps for sales teams to be on the same page. With Flockjay, you can ensure the best strategies are at the top of the pile, making sure the best wisdom is always winning and reps are selling more than ever.

IT Software

Flockjay empowers IT software sales teams to find the best ways to engage, provide them with optimized strategies for reaching out, and help sales managers show reps the best ways to sell.

B2B Tech Sales

Flockjay helps B2B tech sales teams navigate the tricky waters of showing businesses they need tech they didn’t know they needed. Push the best sales content to your reps, keep remote teams connected, and upskill your reps more efficiently than ever.