Surface All of Your Sales Content in One Place

Add Your Reps Winning Strategies to Your Sales Content

What Flockjay can do

Reps need more than another case study to win their next deal. Include winning strategies from top-performing reps in your sales content management strategy.

Gather Insights from Your Sales Team

No sales content strategy is complete without the winning strategies from your top-performing reps. Simplify the process of collecting, organizing, and sharing your organization's win stories.

Build Your Sales Playbook

A fast-moving sales team leaves leaders with little time to build their playbook. With Flockjay, building your sales playbook practically builds itself.

Upload, Organize and Share Content

No need to store content in disparate systems. Centralize all of your sales content in Flockjay and use our intuitive systems of tags to make your sales content easily discoverable for your sales team.

Promote and Moderate Content

Retain full control of what content is shared and promoted across your team to make sure only the best content is shared.

Analytics for your Sales Content Strategy

Prove the value of your sales content strategy with comprehensive analytics that demonstrates consumption of best practices and qualitative assessments of their effectiveness.