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The Value Of Video
In Sales Training

LinkedIn live- August 10th @ 11 AM PT | 2 PM ET

Join Matt Schalsey, Sales Enablement Manager at Chili Piper, and Christopher Cater, Customer Success Manager at Flockjay, as they discuss how the next generation of sales reps can capture, structure, and surface winning strategies through video integration.


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Chris Cater

Customer Success Manager

Chris is the Manager of Customer Success for Flockjay. He has over 10 years of experience helping others feel more comfortable with their technology. His experience started in retail, then education, before finding a home in account management and customer happiness. Now, he is responsible for ensuring that every user and manager at Flockjay sees success in their career, learning and development.

Matt Schalsey

Senior Manager, Sales Enablement
Chili Piper

Matt Schalsey, Senior Manager at Chili Piper, was born and raised in Nebraska, where he discovered his interest in sales. With 14+ years of sales experience and marketing projects, he found a passion for Enablement. Working closely with leaders to form strategic plans for rapid growth and development, he has consistently advanced by utilizing new methods and coaching. In addition, he's used conversation intelligence and networking to make moves throughout organizations. He truly enjoys collaboration and networking, which led to the creation of The Enablement Squad.