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The Best Features to Look for When Choosing a Sales LMS

The Best Features to Look for When Choosing a Sales LMS

The Best Features to Look for When Choosing a Sales LMS

Is your sales organization looking to invest in a learning management system (LMS)? If so, you have a wealth of options at your disposal. LMS systems are a worthy upgrade that can take your training, onboarding, and sales enablement efforts to new heights. A well-designed platform can handle every facet of sales education, bringing your old training processes into the digital age.

While there are plenty of systems to educate and empower your team, not every option you'll encounter is up to snuff. With the potential impact this investment will have on your organization, it's not a decision you should take lightly. So, how do you choose which one is right for your company?

Here are some of the best features to look for on your hunt for the perfect learning management system.

1. A Team-Oriented Online Classroom Environment

Modern sales environments are not entirely in-office anymore. You may have sales reps working remotely, creating unique challenges for learning. The right LMS for you will bridge the gap and create a team-oriented learning space, regardless of distance.

Online classrooms bring your entire team together in one digital arena. They can learn as a unit, saving your organization time and headaches. But that's not all. Virtual classrooms make connecting with coaches and colleagues easy. Your sales professionals can ask questions, get feedback, and interact with others despite the distance.

Help your remote teams feel more connected and make all your educational content accessible to everyone who needs it.

2. Prebuilt Courses Plus Custom Curriculum Options

The best learning management systems will have a library full of prebuilt e-learning courses to take. These classes cover core sales skills that every rep needs to succeed. Choose which courses you want your team to take, and take the headache out of curriculum curation.

But if you want to take a more customized route, your LMS should offer the flexibility to make it happen. All sales organizations are different, and premade classes alone aren't enough to help your salesforce excel at your company. Take matters into your own hands, build custom sales training programs, and ensure every rep is on track to sales readiness.

3. Peer-to-Peer Learning Channels for Sales Reps

What better way to learn than through your colleagues? Sales isn't the cutthroat scene that many on the outside looking in envision it to be. Everyone is there to boost the bottom line, generate revenue, and maximize profits.

Collaborative work can usher in a new era of success. The right LMS will provide peer-to-peer learning channels that make sharing knowledge, best practices, new insights, and competitive enablement a cinch. Encourage your team to communicate often and work together to close complex deals.

Allow your superstar sellers to share their wisdom, take on mentorship roles, and become the leaders they're destined to be.

4. Engaging Gamification and Leaderboards

Let's face it: Not everyone is keen on engaging with training materials. Some view it as more of a time-waster, needing to realize its potential to help them boost their performance. One way to encourage those reps to partake in online courses is to use gamification.

Competition is an excellent motivator that enhances the learning experience, and a well-designed LMS will make the entire process fun. Turn those boring lessons into interactive events. Post leaderboards and give kudos where it's well-deserved. Healthy competition is fantastic, and your learning management system should have built-in features to make training an engaging endeavor.

5. A Virtual Sales Floor to Create Community for Remote Teams

It's not enough to create a sense of community in virtual classrooms. Don't get us wrong: That goes a long way. But you must maintain that sense of camaraderie and teamwork long after your training courses end. But how?

LMS features like a virtual sales floor bring that community-driven mindset into your company's everyday operations. Instead of leaving your remote workers out of the mix, help them connect throughout the sales day. Address workplace isolation and let your team interact as they experience winning moments.

Virtual sales floors pace the way for continued peer-to-peer learning, opening the floodgates to shared knowledge and insights that benefit everyone.

6. Embedded Conversation Intelligence Tools

Mastering the art of conversation is a big part of moving prospects through the sales funnel. Whether they communicate with potential buyers through the telephone, live chat, or email, the quality of every conversation matters. Reciting product facts and hoping that buyers respond positively won't cut it. Modern sales are about handling objections, understanding the customer's point of view, and showing them why your product or service fits the bill.

Built-in conversation intelligence tools are a must for your LMS. Conversation intelligence features capture, transcribe and analyze sales dialogues. See precisely where failed pitches go wrong and understand where your reps need improvement. Take the guesswork out of refining conversation skills and take full advantage of data analysis to hone your coaching efforts to where it matters most.

7. Real-Time Enablement Prompts and Questions

Sales enablement is paramount in the modern sales landscape. With buyers being more informed than ever, your team needs all the support they can get. But there's one issue: How can they access the enablement content they need in real-time?

Real-time enablement prompts and relevant questions are a must-have feature that flips old-school sales tactics on its head. Instead of relying solely on pre-written scripts, your reps can adapt to changing conversations on the fly. A good LMS will deliver prompts based on how the conversation goes, ensuring that your salesforce knows how to provide the right message at the right time.

8. Analytics to Integrate Sales Performance with Sales Training

Finally, look for an LMS that offers advanced analytics. Data can provide valuable insight into every rep's performance. Instead of making best guesses or relying on sales statistics alone, you can precisely identify shortcomings. See where your team needs to improve and integrate that data into your training techniques.

The best learning management systems will let you cater lessons to the exact needs of your salesforce. Whether that's improving sales conversations or understanding how to handle objections, knowing where your representatives fall short allows you to fine-tune every aspect of their performance. Address those issues with solid training, and every team member can reach their full sales potential.

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