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How Managers Can Use Conversation Intelligence to Improve Sales Performance

How Managers Can Use Conversation Intelligence to Improve Sales Performance

Solid communication skills are crucial in sales. Think about it! Your entire sales operation hinges on customer conversations! Your team speaks to prospects in hopes of turning them into viable leads. Then, they have a chat to make a sales pitch and, hopefully, close deals. You'll even talk to customers directly for follow-ups and customer success. There's a lot to gain from improving how your sales reps communicate.

Cue conversation intelligence!

Conversation intelligence platforms can help you take your salesforce to a new level. Instead of having simple discussions about products and services, your team can use the power of conversation to increase sales. As a sales leader, the right tools empower you to facilitate impactful change in your organization.

Conversation Intelligence, Defined

So how do you define conversation intelligence, anyway? Simply put, it's the ability to assess how a conversation is going. It's about “reading” the situation and knowing how to use your words to push the discussion in the right direction.

How your reps speak to a prospect makes a more significant difference than most even realize. It's more than just the words you say. It's how you say them! Unfortunately, not every team member on your salesforce knows how to pick up on verbal cues or identify the mistakes that cost them sales.

With a conversation intelligence platform, you can capture, transcribe, review, and analyze sales calls to gain data-driven insights that help your team improve. It's a powerful tool that sales managers can use to fine-tune strategies and push their reps to make all customer interactions impactful.

What Customer Interactions Can Be Analyzed?

With the right conversation intelligence solution, you can analyze nearly all interactions that occur through phone calls. Create call recordings in real-time and review them later. With proper integration, you can gather intelligence for cold calls, pitches, warm sales calls, and every other discussion your team has to guide leads through the buyer's journey. Of course, interactions don't stop after you close a deal. Conversation intelligence also applies to customer success calls, customer support, and follow-ups from contact centers.

How Does It Work?

Conversation intelligence makes it easier to assess and develop the way your sales reps communicate. The days of constantly rewinding tapes or participating in diligent note-taking are over. The software handles the heavy lifting.

With a solid platform like Flockjay, capturing sales calls is automatic. Record sales conversations and let advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning analyze them. Advanced conversation intelligence software understands natural language, highlighting all the critical points in the conversation. Get every angle to see where your team excels and where they need improvement. Do it all from one platform in minutes.

8 Ways Sales Managers Can Benefit from Conversation Intelligence

For some sales leaders, analyzing conversations seems like overkill. But when you want to maximize sales potential and take your team to a new level of success, it's necessary! Not convinced? Check out these benefits of conversation intelligence.

1. Understand Your Customers Better

Conversation intelligence does more than provide insight into how your sales reps perform. The data you get can also unveil a ton about your customers.

Analyzing sales calls can help you understand your customers' thoughts about your brand, products, and services. It enables you to read between the lines, learning more about their preferences, objections, trust levels, and more. Use conversation intelligence to see what resonates with them and use it to your advantage.

2. Improve the Customer Buying Experience

Ultimately, improving the customer experience should be a top priority! Your customers won't buy from you if they don't have good thoughts about your company or sales processes. Use conversation intelligence to gain performance insights from your reps, and take steps to deliver an impressive experience for every interaction.

3. Understand Your Sales Team Better

There's a good chance you already use analytics to understand other areas of your teams' performance. Conversation intelligence adds a brand-new layer of actionable insight. You can see how your top performers achieve their wins, why others fail to meet sales targets, and more. This level of understanding is groundbreaking. The only way sales managers can help teams improve is to know as much about them and their performance as possible. Conversation intelligence makes that possible.

4. Improve Sales Team Performance

The most impressive thing about using conversation intelligence is seeing precisely where your reps need to improve. It's one thing to know that sales calls are unsuccessful, but knowing why is a new ballgame! In the past, sales leaders had no way to get this level of conversation insight and pinpoint where sales conversations go south. But now, you can analyze every word!

It's a powerful tool that can help you create custom training strategies. Coach your reps in the exact areas that need work. Facilitate peer coaching, call-shadowing, and more to pave the way for improvements

5. Identify and Replicate Exceptional Sales Interactions

Don't make the mistake of thinking that your successful sales reps don't need conversation intelligence. Quite the contrary!

A conversation intelligence platform can help you record calls and capture winning moments in real-time. See what works and understand the winning strategies your superstar sellers employ. Then, turn them into best practices! Share the knowledge and let your revenue leaders become impactful mentors.

6. Improve Enablement Content and Training Materials

Conversation intelligence is a fantastic way to beef up your enablement resources and training techniques. Ditch the stock examples and exercises that have nothing to do with your real-world sales experiences. With the right platform, you can use this technology to refine your content and create more impactful training lessons.

Captured calls can provide a wealth of enablement content you share with the entire team. Find the most impressive sales moments and use them as an example of success in action.

7. Surface and Share Insights Across Departments

Intelligence goes beyond your sales team. A successful sales organization syncs teams and keeps everyone on the same page. For example, your marketing team should work with insight from your sales team and vice versa.

See how conversation intelligence comes in handy? Use the insights you gather to empower multiple departments. Surface the most relevant data, and it can guide your business strategies for better results.

8. Design and Refine a Data-Driven Sales Strategy

Finally, conversation intelligence can help contact center managers develop top-tier selling strategies. A culmination of insights can guide your team to success. Combine what you learn from star sellers with the data you gather about customer needs and preferences. Mix it all up to create techniques that have a powerful punch. Share those practices with your entire sales team, and you can watch sales figures soar.

Create and Enable an Exceptional Sales Team

There is so much that business leaders can gain from conversation intelligence. It's a powerful practice that improves one of the most valuable sales skills your team can have. Communicating effectively makes a difference, and a conversation intelligence solution ensures that every word counts.

Turn every sale call into a successful one with Flockjay! Flockjay is an all-in-one sales solution with powerful conversation intelligence tools. Use it to learn more about your team's current strategies and develop new ones with the power of data. See what difference it can make and empower your team to reach for the stars!

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