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How to Improve Sales Enablement ROI

How to Improve Sales Enablement ROI

The right sales enablement solution can make a massive difference in how your team performs. Enablement provides your sales professionals with tools and resources to reach their full potential while maximizing revenue. From sales scripts brimming with conversation intelligence to impactful content for each sales channel, every piece of support counts.

But not all sales enablement techniques benefit your bottom line. Developing a killer sales team and encouraging success at every turn isn't easy. Even with tons invested into coaching and resources, there's no guarantee that your sales enablement platform makes a difference.

So, how can you boost the ROI of your sales enablement strategies? Read on to find out.

Prepare for Data-driven ROI Analysis

Before you make any changes, it's always a good idea to see where your business is now. What kinds of enablement strategies do you currently have, and how effective are they? If you want to know how to improve, you need to analyze your current system to spot potential weak points and make impactful improvements that make a difference.

This process isn't as cut and dry as it seems. While you could look at the bigger picture, data doesn't lie.

1. Define, Track, and Baseline Performance KPIs

Start by defining the relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) you want to track. Figure out what KPIs are most relevant to your team and business. Some examples include:

  • Time spent selling
  • Coaching effectiveness
  • Lead quality
  • Number of sales activities
  • Lead conversation rate
  • Quote-to-close rate
  • Average purchase value

Whatever KPIs you choose, they should be quantifiable and objective. These data figures should reflect sales performance and give you something to analyze.

Once you determine your KPIs, get a baseline and let your sales team do their thing.

Monitor how your team does and how much impact your current enablement strategies have on the sales process. Are your salespeople getting the right amount of support as they try to close deals and boost your company's revenue? Or are your current resources doing nothing to help your team excel? Find those potential solid and weak points in your sales enablement efforts.

2. Assess Your Current Investment in Enablement

Take a look at the numbers and see how much you're investing in sales enablement. Digital tools and platforms don't come cheap, but many leaders and managers lose track of how much money they waste on ineffective solutions. See where that money is going and compare it to the KPIs you tracked earlier.

You might realize that your sales organization isn't investing in your team wisely. Spot those chokepoints and consider eliminating the resources and tools that make no difference. Cutting that useless fluff out of the equation frees up your budget to spend elsewhere as you make improvements and maximize your ROI.

Improve Your Sales Enablement Strategy

The next step to increase your sales enablement ROI is to improve the unique strategies you're using. Now that you understand what areas need improvement, you can take charge and invest more wisely into providing the support and tools your sales team needs.

3. Organize, Audit, and Increase Access to Enablement Resources

The best thing you can do in terms of sales enablement is to make your resources as readily available to your sales reps as possible! In our digital age, it's easier than ever to do just that. Using a streamlined platform, you can make everything available in an instant. Best of all, you can keep things organized and easy to find.

The problem with old-school enablement strategies is that the lessons, sales scripts, and resources are a jumbled mess of overwhelming confusion. No one wants to sift through a laundry list of files to find something they need.

Luckily, you can use a digital platform to make the relevant content and sales enablement tools ready whenever your team needs them.

Continually audit your resources and find ways you can improve. There's always room for growth, so never rest on your laurels and assume that what you have will do just fine. Adjust as your team grows and provide new material that pushes them further.

4. Ensure You Have Strong Sales Content for Every Channel

Sales content is the heart of your enablement strategy. It's what your team uses to connect with prospects, and it often helps to further the sales process along whenever reps need additional support.

There are many possible sales channels to tap into, and your team needs to have content for every likely scenario. That means having sales content that keeps them informed about possible prospect personas, content to fill different forms of media, and content to serve your sales reps during every stage of the buyer's journey.

It'll take time to develop items that have a positive impact. But as you continue to build and organize your sales arsenal, your team will be better equipped to make sales than ever before.

5. Turn Perfect Sales Moments into New Sales Content 

A solid sales enablement platform will make sharing sales positive experiences a breeze. Capture those winning moments in real-time and use them to develop new content that supports the entire team!

It doesn't matter if it goes against the grain or challenges what you know about your current sales strategies. If it works to create memorable and impactful sale moments, use it to your advantage and develop new resources the team can utilize.

6. Leverage Insights and Data from Other Departments

Data-driven insight is the best way to improve enablement ROI. While you should always use your own KPIs to track success, don't be afraid to use insight from other teams. Turn to your marketing and finance departments to see how your efforts are paying off.

Platforms like Flockjay allow you to integrate sales enablement into your tech stack to create a unified view of performance data. See how your strategies ripple across your industry and use those insights to improve further where you can.

7. Foster Peer-to-Peer Learning for Your Sales Team

So many businesses focus on structured lessons or tips from the pros. But sometimes, the best source of advice is on the same team.

Encourage an environment of peer-to-peer learning. Allow your successful representatives to share their advice and coach others. While sales can get competitive, your team works towards one shared goal. So why not foster a community of learning and shared experiences?

Give your superstar sellers the floor and help them share their tips for success.

8. Focus on Sales Content During Training and Coaching

Traditional lessons and classroom-style learning are a great way to learn new strategies and show your team how to use the resources available to them. However, sales content should always be at the core of coaching sessions.

Use training as an opportunity to simulate real-world sales situations. There's no use in pretending that you're a completely different company. Mold your lessons to focus on what your business does and the types of products or services you're selling.

Please take full advantage of your sales content to make every rep is comfortable using those resources in their daily work.

9. Track Your Progress and Iterate Towards Perfection

Our final tip is to keep evolving. Continue using data-driven insight to track your progress and see how your team's capabilities change over time. Sales enablement is not a one-off investment. It's ever-changing!

As the sales landscape and market transform, you must adjust your strategies to see continued success. Always push toward perfection and reach farther to keep your team's skills as sharp as possible.

Refine Your Sales Enablement Resources with Flockjay

Sales enablement is the key to ongoing success. It doesn't matter what you're selling. Every rep needs support. Please don't leave them in the dark! Do what you can to improve your strategies and ensure that the ROI of sales enablement always shoots for the moon!

Flockjay is a powerful enablement platform. It's intuitive, easy to use, and wildly impactful. Develop your team, keep them motivated, and provide all the tools they could ever need to boost your bottom line!

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