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The Best Sales Recruiting Sites and Job Boards

The Best Sales Recruiting Sites and Job Boards

There are a lot of sales reps out there, but the best sales reps and the top talent can be hard to find. If you want to find the best of the best out there, you need to go where the best talent looks for jobs.

Recruiting sites and job boards can be a great resource when you’re looking to hire that next top performer, but there are tons of options. Many of these options won’t help you find what you’re looking for, but there are some recruiting sites and job boards out there that do attract high-level talent. Read on to learn the top 10 platforms online today.

 1. SalesHeads 

SalesHeads is a job board powered by Nexxt. Nexxt uses focused marketing techniques to draw in top talent to its recruiting sites. SalesHeads is available for businesses of all sizes, including enterprise businesses, small/medium businesses, and agencies. 

With SalesHead you can find the right talent at any scale and make sure you hire candidates who will last.

 2. isn’t a sales-focused site, but it’s a trusted resource for hiring a diverse talent pool. doesn’t recruit, but it does attract top talent who are looking for a diverse and ethical workplace to call home. The job board on allows sales recruiters to find the best candidates to foster an inclusive workplace with a variety of perspectives and backgrounds.

Diverse workplaces will include employees of different genders, races, sexual orientations, ethnicities, gender identities, ages, and religions. If you want to foster a workplace that attracts all candidates, is a good place to start.

 3. Rainmakers 

Rainmakers is a highly exclusive recruiting platform that only accepts the top applicants. When you interview a candidate from Rainmakers, you’ll know that they have an impressive resume of skills and successes. Rainmakers also provides you with in-depth candidate profiles that show performance, sales stats, and the people and companies they’ve sold to.

Rainmakers saves recruiters time by only showing them the candidates who would make it to the final interview and stick around for the long haul. 

 4. is a job board specifically made for tech and software sales teams. Software sales require a specific skill set and the ability to gain in-depth knowledge of the software products and the vast list of competitors in the software industry. is focused on connecting software companies with the top software sales talent. Top sales reps search when they’re looking for a new position, so it’s a trusted resource for software companies that want to highlight their work environment to top performers.

 5. Dadomatch

Dadomatch is a platform designed to reach sales candidates through social media. Dadomatch also offers a free service to push your listings to several popular job boards. 

Though not as focused as some of the other platforms on the list, Dadomatch does simplify reaching candidates on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Dadomatch also allows you to quickly sift through social resumes to find the candidates who will integrate well into your work culture.

 6. AA-ISP

The AA-ISP is dedicated to advancing the virtual sales industry and helping reps and companies alike. Its mission is to help all sales teams advance their skills and push the virtual sales industry forward.

The AA-ISP offers both corporate and individual memberships. In addition to getting access to community resources, training, consultations, and more, you also get access to the AA-ISP job board, which links membership companies with membership reps. The similar values shared by both parties make the AA-ISP job board a great resource for top reps and top companies looking to connect.

 7. is one of the oldest and largest sales recruitment boards on the list. Since 1997, has been connecting companies with reps. was built by sales recruiters and was designed to provide the candidate data that recruiters need to make the right decision. also includes high retention rates among its list of accolades.

 8. TheLions

TheLions is a recruiting resource for sales talent looking to match with dynamic startup companies. TheLions offers faster and better hiring resources, exclusively catering to the top talent and the top startups. 

TheLions has introduced top performers to companies that want their sales talent to stick around for years to come. TheLions saves companies time by eliminating the work of finding qualified talent. TheLions also offers to only work using upon-hire fees and lower marketplace-only fees.

 9. Ladders

Ladders exclusively caters to sales reps looking for $100k+ positions. This eliminates anything other than the top talent from applying to the positions, so companies know that they’ll be connecting with top performers who have the extensive skill set they need.

Ladders curates the talent for you, so recruiters don’t have to spend as much time on their search. The database can be filtered on a variety of metrics, such as salary, industry, role, and education. Ladders has also designed its algorithms to put your job postings in front of the candidates who will be well suited to your company and who will become top performers for your business.

 10. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is known for its social networking features, but it also offers robust recruiting and job board tools. Using LinkedIn’s recruiting tools you can filter candidates and quickly create detailed job posts. Once you’ve posted, LinkedIn uses insights from your listing to match you with the best profiles. You can screen candidates by qualification and line up interviews from the same platform. LinkedIn also offers several features to adjust your budget as necessary, so you can spend a fair rate to boost your listing and reach more qualified candidates. LinkedIn uses a pay-per-click model for boosting your listings, so the fee is only charged if a candidate clicks through.

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