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The Best Sales Training Software Platforms for Online SDRs

The Best Sales Training Software Platforms for Online SDRs

Onboarding and training remote sales teams is no easy feat, but it’s necessary in the modern sales environment. Fortunately, there are a variety of tools available to simplify sales training and provide SDRs with the features they need to empower new reps and help them hit the ground running.

A good sales training tool should include features for ongoing training and development for all reps, so they can sharpen their skills, stay up to date with the best tactics, and become the top reps. We’ve highlighted the top 8 sales training tools for remote reps on the market. Read on to learn more!

 8. 360Learning 

360Learning is an AI and collaborative learning platform to help teams develop sales courses and learning materials for your reps. When SDRs can crowdsource learning needs, they can find skill gaps their teams need to work on and create the best training strategies to help them succeed.

360Learning encourages employees to contribute knowledge to the rest of their teams. The crowdsourcing feature allows them to collaborate with your experts and add the knowledge that may be valuable to the rest of your team. In addition, your teams can vote on their learning needs, so SDRs can tailor their next lesson or course to fit the requests of the team. 

SDRs can also easily edit and co-author any employee contributions, adding their own input, making comments, and refining the content until it’s ready for the rest of the team.

 7. Trainual 

Trainual is a useful platform for updating your sales training and materials quickly and letting your whole team know. You can assign new policies and push updates to policies in just a couple of clicks.

Your team can also easily access any process videos you make or access the latest sales training materials that you embed. The features for visualizing the roles and responsibilities of your entire organization also help your team understand where they need to go with questions, who is in charge of a certain process, and more. Trainual helps you organize your business and your training in ways that make sense to your entire team. 

With Trainual your best practices, SOPs, and more can all be accessed in one place, so there’s no longer any confusion for your team.

 6. Lessonly by Seismic 

Lessonly by Seismic is an interactive training tool with lessons that are optimized through in-depth training analytics. Your team will have access to lessons that put them in real-world scenarios and teach them best practices for your industry.

You’ll be able to centralize your most important sales materials and training lessons in one place, so reps are always in the loop and ready to sell. You can also push new lessons when a product is updated, or you start offering a new service. Reps can always be on the ball with Lessonly by Seismic. 

 5. LevelJump 

LevelJump is a platform built in Salesforce for teams that rely on the Salesforce CRM. LevelJump is an outcome-based sales enablement and readiness solution that pushes milestones for your sales teams. These milestones can be metrics such as activities completed and deals closed. You can integrate these milestones directly into your onboarding program and automate milestone achievements. 

In addition, sales managers will get reporting tools and analytics to review the program milestones and how their reps are progressing. LevelJump outcomes include faster time to opportunity, accelerated time to second deal, and decreases in ramp time.

 4. Brainshark 

Brainshark is a sales readiness platform that engages remote teams with virtual learning programs, creates useful sales content, provides access to training anytime and anywhere, and offers training program tracking for your most essential KPIs.

With Brainshark, you can cut down on the time from onboarding to first sale, help reps master their material, and automate mandatory training and certification schedules. Brainshark allows you to get a handle on training and onboarding all of your teams, whether they’re in office or completely remote.

 3. Allego 

Allego is a sales enablement platform designed to increase engagement with your training materials and foster team collaboration. With Allego, you’ll have access to features that allow you to quickly onboard your new reps and accelerate their growth and selling potential right out of the gate.

Allego also gives reps access to continuous training from anywhere on nearly any device. Just-in-time resource access also helps reps prep for deals or learn about new products or services as they’re released. With Allego, you can keep your reps engaged throughout the training process while also helping them sell more.

 2. Mindtickle 

Mindtickle is a sales readiness platform that helps you identify sales gaps and create training to address your team’s weaknesses. Mindtickle provides you with a readiness index that gives you a complete overview of your team members and the skills they’re excelling in and the skills they need to work on.

You can also provide your team with cooperative challenges to help them learn and grow together. The Mindtickle Asset Hub is another feature that allows reps to access in-depth and updated training material about all of your products and services, so they’re always at the top of their game.

 1. Flockjay 

Flockjay is a sales elevation platform that offers the best onboarding and sales training features for remote and in-person sales teams. Flockjay provides SDRs and sales coaches with the tools they need to bring reps to the next level. Flockjay enables peer-to-peer learning, allowing all new reps to get access to the top rep strategies and playbooks. 

Flockjay also makes it easy for coaches to develop personalized learning paths for reps, addressing skill gaps and turning them into strengths. Flockjay also provides reps with a centralized single source of truth for all of the latest and best training and sales materials. 

The Right Tools to Train Top Sales Teams

When you’re ready to bring your sales team to the next level, choose Flockjay. The Flockjay sales elevation platform provides you with all the features you need to train top sales reps. You’ll get solutions for capturing the best sales insights, coaching and onboarding your reps, and providing the best motivation. 

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