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What Is a Competitive Battlecard?

What Is a Competitive Battlecard?

The old cliche of comparing sales to war is overused. But ask any of your sales reps, and they'll likely tell you that it certainly feels like war sometimes. Closing deals and getting sales isn't as easy as it looks, and your team needs every ounce of support they can get. That's where competitive battlecards come in!

The definition of a competitive battlecard is simple. It's a form of sales enablement that helps your reps close deals. But instead of including information about your company, products, or services, it offers competitive intelligence. Think of it as competitor intel that your sales team can use to their advantage.

How Are Competitive Battlecards Used By Sales Teams?

What is a competitive battlecard, and is it something your team will benefit from using?

Sales has a reputation for being a bit cutthroat. But make no mistake: sales battlecards aren't the instant "kill sheets" some people assume. While they can undoubtedly include information that changes how potential customers view your rivals, it's more about repositioning yourself rather than damaging your competitors.

A battlecard includes all the relevant information that sales representatives need to address prospect concerns and objections. It compares your product or services to your corporate foes, allowing you to compare and contrast your offerings.

Competitor battlecards offer succinct insights gathered by validating intelligence. Think of it as the ultimate weapon against your biggest business opponents. With battlecards in tow, your reps have all the information they need to develop compelling sales strategies that put you one step ahead of the competition!

Examples of Battlecards in Action 

Still not convinced that you need to arm your sales reps with competitive enablement battlecards? Modern business is more competitive than ever before. Countless rivals are vying for the same dollars you are, and you must be proactive and strategic to beat them out.

Here are a few examples of battlecard content and how to use this enablement resource to come out on top.

Competitor Pricing

The most important thing you should have on a competitor battlecard is pricing information. For many prospects, it's the first barrier to closing a deal. You can have a superior product, but pricing will be the thing that causes hesitation in many cases.

Having your competitor's pricing information on hand goes a long way. You can find ways to make your deal more compelling. At the very least, reps can use that data to highlight why your product or service is a cut above the rest.

Objection Handling Content

Prospects will have multiple reasons not to make a purchase now. In addition to cost, they could have hesitations thanks to a competitor's office, reputational concerns, and more. There's always a possibility that your competitors got to your prospect before you did, so there could be an unspoken sense of loyalty to whatever company came first.

A competitive battlecard can help your reps handle whatever objection comes their way. Objection handling plays a significant role in making sales. The key to success is addressing those concerns and repositioning your product as a must-buy.

Battlecards help you do just that. It arms your team with the information to refute objections and convince prospects that your organization's offering is the way forward.

Competitor Strengths and Weaknesses 

Of course, competitor battle cards will contain a list of your rivals' strengths and weaknesses. It's easy to use the weaknesses portion. Your battlecard team probably won't have too many issues coming up with a laundry list of things your competitors do wrong. Bring them up during your sales pitch, and you could successfully sway a purchase decision your way.

But the strengths have value, too. Ignoring what your competitors do right isn't wise. So how do you address them? Look at excellent battlecard examples, and you'll see that the focus is on reframing those strengths. Your reps can use the battlecard data to reposition your competition's product or service away from what the prospect wants.

Quick Dismisses and Kill Points

Sometimes, your reps can use competitor battlecards to dismiss competitors in a sales situation quickly. Picture this: You have a representative trying to close a deal with a client that your rivals have already reached out to. This prospect has particular needs that the sales representative knows your product can offer. But of course, your competitors glossed over the fact that their product didn't meet those needs.

With the battlecard readily available, that rep can provide a list of kill points that automatically take your rivals out of the running. It's the quickest way to improve the odds of closing a deal. While kill points don't work in every situation, it feels like fate when they do.

Customer Success Stories and Case Studies

Your business rivals will have some success stories. Those aren't things you want to bring up during a sales pitch, but they can provide valuable in creating the right sales strategy. Your reps can read up on case studies and gain more insight into what a rival's product or service offers.

From there, they can again reposition the competitor into a less-than-ideal supplier. Knowing what type of customer your opponents cater to the most gives your reps the upper hand in forming a pitch that highlights your organization in a much more flattering light.

Competitor News, Events and Product Updates

A peer-to-peer sales enablement platform can do wonders to keep everyone up to date on what your rivals are doing. Business moves fast, and sales cycles come and go faster than most realize. Competitor battlecards and real-time enablement systems are a fantastic way to share breaking news and insights that could help everyone on the sales floor.

It's about staying current on the competition's next move and helping your sales department adjust its tactics accordingly.

Turn Top Reps into Enablement Engines with Flockjay

Let Flockjay be your go-to software solution for sales enablement. Flockjay is innovative software that makes empowering your teams a breeze. It facilitates peer-to-peer enablement, helps reps access information and battlecards whenever needed, and even generates impactful sales content to help them reach their full potential.

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