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The Best Virtual Selling Tools for Remote Teams

The Best Virtual Selling Tools for Remote Teams

Modern sales teams have fully embraced virtual selling as an effective way to reach new clients, sell from anywhere, and expand their reach. The rise of virtual selling also led to the rise of more virtual selling tools than ever. These tools give remote sales teams the features they need to sell more, stay organized, connect with prospects, and more.

With all of the virtual selling tools on the market, it can be difficult to choose which one is best for your business. We’ve outlined 10 of the best virtual selling tools available today. Read on to find the right platform for your sales team!

 1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a platform available to individual reps and remote sales teams alike. The platform is made for sales professionals who want features to quickly reach and connect with the decision-makers for any given sales prospect.

For virtual sales teams, reaching the right people is extremely important. You want to be sure you’re pitching to the people who matter. Empower your sales teams to always hit the right targets with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

 2. Crunchbase 

Crunchbase is a prospecting solution for virtual sales teams that uses live data pulled from trusted sources to provide valuable insights for sales reps, including prospect contact information. Crunchbase specializes in financing data that comes primarily from contributors, partners, and data experts.

Crunchbase also ensures that its data is cleansed, verified, and up to date. This lets remote sales teams get the edge and learn all they need to know about private company prospects, so they can reach out to the right people and be prepared to overcome their pain points.

 3. Owler 

Owler is a tool for virtual sales teams to find new prospects and research accounts in real time. Owler provides you with the latest news about the companies and targets you’re reaching out to.

Owler Pro boasts over 14 million public and private companies in its database. Its advanced search feature helps sales reps find leads that fit their target persona with options to filter for sector, private/public companies, revenue, and more. This ensures sales reps only reach out to the prospects who will be worth their time.

 4. GetProspect

GetProspect is a leading B2B tool used by virtual selling teams to find the right leads. GetProspect allows you to automate the more tedious aspects of the sales process. You can easily search through profiles on LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and the GetProspect database. You can import CSVs and bulk files to organize your prospects, verify their emails, and get all of the information possible before reaching out.

With access to open data about your leads, your reps can plan their prospecting and only spend time on the leads who are worth pursuing. The GetProspect prospecting tool can turn raw data into useful, verified, and organized information that will benefit your reps and give them the best way forward for talking to the most qualified prospects.

 5. LeadBI

LeadBI is marketing automation software that is designed to take website visitors and turn them into leads. LeadBI is for the sales team that is looking to create a variety of landing pages and email marketing campaigns and to automate lead marketing efforts. 

LeadBI also includes features for scoring leads, profiling, and more. The email marketing features allow you to reach prospects at the best times, and a landing page editor makes it easy to create and change your landing pages on the fly. If your virtual selling team primarily brings in leads from your e-commerce website, LeadBI is a good choice.

 6. Prezi

Prezi takes virtual sales teams away from the emails and chats and connects them with prospects face to face. Prezi Video allows you to create engaging branded meetings and take a personal approach to remote sales. In addition to connecting you with your prospects through video meetings, it gives you the tools to create virtual presentations, product demos, prospecting videos, and more.

Even if you already use video for your remote sales meetings, Prezi adds a new level of immersion that keeps buyers engaged and paying attention. It goes above and beyond sharing your screen, turning your virtual presentations into winning presentations.

 7. Vidyard

Viyard is another virtual selling platform that connects remote sales reps and prospects through video. Vidyard is more focused on reaching out to leads, with features for recording videos to engage prospects, expand their opportunities, and sell more effectively.

Vidyard makes recording and sending your lead prospecting videos simple. With just a few clicks, you can reach more leads than ever with engaging video content instead of documents and cold emails that leave them uninterested 

 8. Canva

Canva is a virtual selling tool that helps remote sales teams design better sales content for leads and prospects. Canva is easy for teams to use, while they can still create professional designs that catch the attention of their prospects.

Canva allows you to design pitch decks, merchandise, brochures, prospecting videos, and more. Canva can also be accessed from any device, so reps can even design content on the go. Using Canva, your sales team can ensure that your branded sales content is always engaging and well designed, helping them land more sales and connect to more leads.

 9. Calendly

Calendy is a must-have for virtual selling teams who need help organizing their schedule and setting sales meetings. Your reps can email their Calendy link to prospects, or they can have the link embedded right on the website. This allows leads to schedule meetings and demos to learn more about your product or service.

With Calendly, reps get notified immediately about upcoming meetings. Also, Calendly ensures they are never double-booked. When a lead clicks on the Calendly link, they’ll be able to see the availability of your reps and your sales team. Rescheduling is simple as well. When your reps set up Calendly, they simply need to set their time and day preferences and they’re good to go.

 10. HelloSign

HelloSign is an electronic signature tool designed for Salesforce that helps reps get their agreements signed quickly and securely. Reps can send out documents for signature directly from the Salesforce platform. HelloSign provides the tools reps need for signing electronic documents, PDFs, contracts, and more.

Once a rep closes a lead, the last thing they want to do is lose it because of delays in the contract. Make sure the deal gets signed by using HelloSign.

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