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Top Ideas to Engage and Motivate Sales Reps

Top Ideas to Engage and Motivate Sales Reps

It’s a challenge faced by sales managers everywhere. How do you engage and motivate your sales reps? Most sales reps are inherently driven, so they will always be able to provide some of their own motivation to an extent, but that doesn’t mean they don’t experience stagnation or burn out. A good sales manager will be able to recognize this and prevent burn out in the first place.

In this blog, we’ll break down some of the top ideas to motivate your sales reps and get them excited about the sales process. Read on to learn more.

 1. Create a Community - Whether Your Team Is in the Office or Remote

It’s essential to make your sales reps feel comfortable with their sales team. Sales managers should make sure to create a community that reps enjoy being a part of. Although this has become more difficult with the rise of remote work, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. By frequently involving remote workers in meetings, work events, and social calls, you can make sure they feel integrated and not isolated.

When a sales rep doesn’t feel like part of their team, their work is inevitably going to suffer. At the very least, they’re not going to enjoy their job as much. By fostering a supportive, fun, and diverse community of reps, you can make work more enjoyable and engaging for everyone.

 2. Set Clear KPIs, Then Recognize and Reward Success

An effective motivation technique is setting clear KPIs, goals, and expectations. Your sales reps need a target to work towards. When you let them know what goals they should be aiming for, they’re more likely to hit them. You can also set stretch goals to give them something to strive for.

However, it’s not enough just to set these goalposts. You also need to make sure you’re rewarding and recognizing their wins. You should make sure they feel validated when a sales rep meets or exceeds their goals, performs particularly well in a time period, or excels at a specific KPI. Also, the rewards should reflect the achievement. Someone who far exceeds their goals should get bigger incentives. This way the motivation is consistent.

 3. Establish Ongoing Sales Coaching, and Keep it Collaborative

A great way to prevent stagnation is ensuring that you have a solid sales coaching program in place. Your sales coaching program should be ongoing and iterative. Most importantly, you should involve your sales team and collaborate with them to make it better.

Every sales team is going to have different training needs. By talking to your training team about the skills they want to focus on, the goals they have in mind, and the training they’d like to pursue, you can create a better coaching experience for sales coaches and reps alike. When sales reps are allowed to have a say in their training and give feedback on coaching methods, they get more out of the experience and remain more engaged.

 4. Engage Your Sales Reps in Their Goals for Professional Growth

Your sales reps want to feel like they have a way forward in the company. Not many are going to want to stay in the same role forever. Make sure you’re making time to talk to your sales reps about their goals for professional growth. Find out how they see themselves progressing in the company and where they want to take their career.

By showing a vested interest in their growth and by giving them the resources they need to progress, you’ll show your sales reps that you care about them and their success. When reps feel like their company wants them to win and move up the ranks, then they feel more engaged with the company and they’re less likely to leave. So not only does consulting them about their professional growth lead to better performance, but it also leads to less turnover. 

 5. Sales Leaderboards Help Top Reps Lead By Example

Another way to motivate sales teams is with sales leaderboards. With a sales leaderboard, top reps can showcase their success. It also gives other reps a benchmark to go off of. When they see the level top reps are performing at, they’ll be able to more clearly define their own goals. This also helps top reps improve, because they’ll be able to see how other top reps are doing and find ways they can improve to match their accomplishments.

You can also have multiple leaderboards for different KPIs. This allows reps who specialize or shine in different metrics have their time on top of the leaderboards. It also allows reps to see who is good at what skills, and learn from them.

 6. Sales Gamification Can Make Winning Fun Again

If your sales team likes to have fun with their sales goals, you should integrate sales gamification. This makes winning more fun for everyone. Sales gamification makes some of the more tedious aspects of selling more engaging. Things like cold calls, lead follow-ups, sending emails, and more can all be gamified.

Sales gamification can be very rewarding for reps. Seeing their names climb through the ranks or reach a certain progress marker can be exciting. Sales gamification should also include rewards of some sort. These rewards can be doled out based on behaviors or performance that you want to see from your team. With good sales gamification techniques in place, you can make the workplace a lot more fun for everyone.

 7. Cultivate the Energy of a Positive, Successful Sales Floor

Make sure you’re always encouraging positive energy on your sales floor. Celebrate wins and successes. Make the workplace an enjoyable place to be for everyone. Have time for socializing and collaboration between team members. Allow your reps to get to know one another. When you cultivate a positive environment, your sales reps will enjoy work even when they’re having a less than stellar month. A positive environment can be inspiring and can help reps stay motivated or get back on track when they’re in a rut.

Remember, a positive environment starts with management and above. If the sales reps feel comfortable and management is encouraging and providing positive reinforcement, your sales floor is going to see more wins and happier sales staff. 

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