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Top Sales Gamification Platforms

Top Sales Gamification Platforms

Sales gamification can make selling much more engaging and rewarding for your sales team. It keeps things fresh, provides constant motivation, and makes for a better sales environment overall. If you want to retain your best reps and foster growth in your sales team, you need to show them you value their efforts and reward them accordingly. Sales gamification can do that while also driving every team member to do their best possible work.

But staying on top of sales gamification can be difficult for a busy sales manager or business owner. Fortunately, there are several sales gamification software tools that can make gamification simpler to set up and maintain. 

Read on to learn about the seven best sales gamification platforms on the market today.

 1. LevelEleven 

LevelEleven provides several sales tools, including its sales gamification Contest Engine and Channel11 TV broadcast solution. 

  • The Contest Engine allows you to automate sales contests. You can choose to motivate various behaviors, metrics, and KPIs.
  • The Channel11 TV broadcast solution is made to enhance competition and help sales team members get recognition for their successes. This solution is made for leaderboards and contests, as it broadcasts real-time performance for a number of win metrics. This provides motivation and engagement for top performers and every member of the sales team.

Learn more about LevelEleven here.

 2. SalesScreen 

SalesScreen is a global gamification platform. It’s designed to keep teams motivated and rewarded through a number of gamification solutions. 

SalesScreen’s solutions include:

  • Peer-to-peer competitions
  • Data visualizations to track performance easily 
  • Real-time team monitoring
  • CRM integration
  • Highlighter for top performers and impressive wins
  • Custom YouTube animations for sales celebrations
  • Engagement features that include likes and comments
  • Mobile app for remote sales teams
  • Global reach

Learn more about SalesScreen here.

 3. Tango Card 

Tango Card is software specifically designed to enhance reward and incentive programs for your sales teams. With Tango Card, incentives are easily integrated into your current sales reward workflow. 

The features include:

  • Ease of use for sales managers
  • Improved engagement and motivation with visible incentives
  • Ability to incentivize reps with real-life rewards by sending gift cards, prepaid cards, and donations

Learn more about Tango Card here.

 4. Wooboard 

Wooboard is both a mental health and staff recognition platform. Using its features, staff can be rewarded for their wins and their successes. 

Here is some of what you get when you use WooBoard:

  • Mindfulness features to improve employee well-being
  • Reward features for acts of recognition in the workplace
  • Third-party integration with various business tools and platform
  • Activity reports and custom reports for recognition and rewards
  • Staff can exchange achievements for real-world rewards, determine by the management team

Learn more about Wooboard.

 5. Funifier 

Funifier is a flexible engagement platform for businesses. Funifier simplifies engagement strategies, employee feedback, and gamification analytics. 

Here are some of what you can do when you use Funifier:

  • Increase engagement with motivational gamification techniques and strategies on the Funfier platform
  • Use Funifier integrations to connect with employees through a variety of channels
  • Get detailed gamification analytics and reports about results from your engagement strategies
  • Build custom features for your team and connect APIs with ease

Learn more about Funifier here.

 6. Hoopla 

Hoopla is a workplace gamification platform designed to promote healthy competition, increased employee engagement, and improve rep performance. With gamified competitions, Hoopla users can have fun in the workplace while reaching their goals. 

Here are some of the ways you can use Hoopla:

  • Turn goals and KPIs into friendly contests
  • Segment contests by company, teams, or individuals
  • Let everyone in on the fun with live performance leaderboards that have integrated on-screen celebrations to drive engagement
  • Provide your employees with the recognition and rewards they deserve
  • Get in-depth analytics about performance metrics
  • Display metrics by custom time frames
  • Let reps track their goals, compare performance to other reps, and work their way to the top of the leaderboard
  • Integrate messaging apps to update reps and message them about recent wins and successes

Learn more about Hoopla here.

 7. Hurrah! Leaderboards 

Hurrah! Leaderboards provides performance broadcasting software for sales teams and live leaderboards with custom media integration. Hurrah! Leaderboards focuses on motivation through gamification using real-time recognition. Hurrah! Leaderboards can connect to your CRM to display the latest metrics and KPIs. 

Hurrah! Leaderboards lets you:

  • Recognize top performances and big wins in real time
  • Create contests, view rankings, and more
  • Broadcast ranking updates and win updates to all team members
  • Increase transparency regarding individual and team performance by allowing team members to see progress on goals
  • Celebrate team and individual success with engagement features

Learn more about Hurrah! Leaderboards here.

Motivate Your Sales Team With Flockjay

If you’re looking for a full-featured sales elevation platform with gamification features for sales team motivation, Flockjay is your solution. Flockjay takes team and individual sales rep motivation to a new level. 

With Flockjay you get:

  • Clear growth incentives for reps and teams
  • Dynamic peer-to-peer learning to help teams grow together
  • Easy access to the latest sales materials so everyone can win
  • Sales team leaderboards to highlight top performers and future leaders
  • Inspiration for your team to win together and improve

Book your demo with Flockjay to see how sales gamification and motivation can help change the game for your sales team.

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