Gamify your sales department with the Flockjay platform

Make your sales team even more vibrant by gamifying success and making it
fun for reps.

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How gamification increases sales team success

Gamification ensures that the sales process never gets stale for reps. It provides them with motivation and rewards that encourage them to take their performance to the next level. Plus, it makes sales fun. With Flockjay, you’ll get tools for sales gamification that will help you increase rep success.

Improve sales rep performance

Flockjay’s gamification features improve sales rep performance. When they have clear goals and can earn rewards and accolades, reps are more motivated to succeed.

Recognize and reward top performers

Leaderboards can help put top performers front and center and reward their efforts. Foster friendly competition to be the next rep to hit that #1 spot. You can customize your leaderboard metrics so there are multiple ways to reach the top.

Make the onboarding and training process fun

Onboarding and training don’t have to be monotonous. Flockjay gives you the tools to make training fun and engaging. With data-driven best practices, reps can leverage new skills into rewarding sales success.

Build an engaging community for remote teams

It’s easy for remote teams to feel detached and left out of the in-person sales community. With Flockjay, you can create an engaging space for them to connect with other reps and participate in the gamification.

Give managers the tools to retain sales talent

Flockjay provides sales managers with the tools and the materials they need to keep the top talent around. When your top talent is rewarded and recognized for their efforts — and when they have the strategies to win — they’ll want to stay with your business.

Industries We Empower

Flockjay can help your sales team. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, because Flockjay is designed to seamlessly integrate with your sales stack and empower your team to do better work.

Here are just a few of the industries that are using Flockjay to level up:


Technology and software sales teams use Flockjay to inspire their reps, bring forth the best strategies, and highlight top performers so others can learn from them.


Manufacturing sales teams know how important efficiency is, and Flockjay can help your team be both more efficient and effective. They’ll get everything they need to boost their sales performance and make the sales process enjoyable.


Finance sales teams use Flockjay to help them find the best way to sell their financial products and surpass their sales goals. With peer-to-peer learning and gamification, finance sales reps get a lot of value out of Flockjay.


Flockjay helps healthcare sales teams put forth the best sales strategies and sales materials for their industries. Reps are empowered to sell more, and coaches learn what motivates their reps.


Media sales teams can sell more ads than ever with Flockjay. They’ll get the tools they need for motivation, peer-to-peer learning, and more.