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What Is a Sales Engagement Platform?

What Is a Sales Engagement Platform?

Sales engagement platforms help your team track and organize their customer and prospect-related tasks. With a sales engagement platform, your sales reps will find it much easier to engage and interact with their potential and current customers. These platforms enable this by streamlining tedious tasks, helping reps keep track of interactions, and give them and their managers insight and analysis on these interactions.

With a sales engagement platform added to your sales software stack, you can empower your sales reps to connect with their customers in more meaningful ways and close more sales. Read on to learn more about these platforms and how they can help your sales team.

How Do I Improve Sales Engagement?

Improving sales engagement is a metric that every sales team seeks to improve. But your team needs the tools to do it. With a sales engagement platform, you can provide them with these tools and resources. A sales engagement platform improves engagement in several different ways. If you’re looking to improve your sales engagement, this is what your team needs to do:

  • See what top performers are doing and how they’re doing it
  • Monitor conversations between sales reps and customers, find out what customers have questions about and find solutions to answer those question
  • Optimize sales content and materials. This enhances your sales materials while also enhancing marketing materials
  • Qualify leads and use predictive analysis to focus on these leads. Spend more time selling to customers that are willing to engage, instead of slowing down the sales cycle with customers who aren’t
  • Understand your customers and their sales journey. Learn what they respond to and what doesn’t appeal to them
  • Learn where deals are falling through in your pipeline. Find ways to save deals and bring them back from the brink.
  • Optimize every aspect of the sales cycle. From discovery to closing, find out how customers are engaging and what your team can do to make their experience better
  • Give your team a success roadmap. Show them what they can do to improve their closing rates. Give them best practice to help them succeed.

So, now we know the steps you need to take to improve engagement. But it’s easier said than done. Fortunately, a sales engagement platform can help your team take these steps. 

Examples of Sales Engagement Platforms in Action

To better show you how a sales engagement platform works, let's take a look at some examples: 

Boost the Productivity of Your Sales Reps

Sales engagement platforms give your sales reps the tools to keep tasks organized and consistent. With a sales engagement platform taking care of these tasks and organizing their activities, your reps will be exponentially more productive.

They’ll have much more time to engage with prospects, refine their sales strategy, and find weak points in the sales pipeline. This not only leads to a more efficient team of reps, but also one that closes more sales.

Track Performance Metrics Across the Sales Team

When your sales team is making sales and working through the sales cycle without performance data and metrics, it’s impossible for them to see what’s working and what isn’t. With a sales engagement platform, your sales team will be able to track your key performance metrics across all phases of the sales pipeline. They’ll be able to see where your sales cycle is lacking, where prospects are engaging most, and where deals are being lost.

Historical and real-time data combine to give your team a full picture of what needs improvement and what is a best practice. When they have this data at their fingertips, they can sharpen up the sales cycle and prevent prospects from slipping through the cracks.

Accelerate Your Sales Cycle

Sales engagement platforms are extremely useful for optimizing and accelerating your sales cycle. There are many phases to a sales cycle, and some of them are inevitably going to be more streamlined than others. When you’re continually collecting data on these phases, you’ll be able to see where the slowdowns and bottlenecks are.

When your sales team can see the stoppage points in your sales pipeline and understand the objections that usually crop up, they can adjust their strategy and sales conversions to overcome these obstacles. Sales engagement platforms allow you to streamline your sales cycle like you never thought possible.

Understand Prospect Engagement at a Granular Level

Broad strokes are useful when it comes to team-level decisions and strategy, but data at a more granular, specific level is highly useful as well. Sales engagement platforms don’t just stop at the general overviews. You can track specific metrics and see performance at a hyper-specific level, allowing your sales team to truly understand your demographic and engage with prospects at a deeper level.

When your sales team has a deep understanding of prospect needs and objections, they can close more sales.

Gain Valuable, Predictive Insights into Your Pipeline

Sales engagement platforms do more than just show you what’s going on from a historical and real-time perspective. They also allow you to create more accurate sales forecasts and gain predictive insights into your pipeline. The longer you use sales engagement platforms and the more data they collect, the more you’re able to see trends in your data. This is incredibly valuable and it only gets better over time.

Once you have predictive capabilities for your sales pipeline, you can strategize for problems before they arrive and you can better prepare your sales teams to overcome any obstacles. You can also get a better picture of your sales performance and what you can do to optimize it.

Flockjay Has the Tools to Help Sales Teams Take Flight

If you want your sales team to soar, Flockjay has the tools to help you do it. Flockjay will be an invaluable asset for your sales software stack. With Flockjay, your team will be able to document and share the best practices they have learned for your sales engagement tool across the entire sales team.

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