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Celebrating your Wins & Leveraging your Losses

Celebrating your Wins & Leveraging your Losses

June 29, 2022

In today’s digital-first, knowledge-driven work environment, building strong bonds and learning together is a big part of what enables people to do their best work.

Yet, something is still missing…

It’s the ability to deepen relationships and human connections from people sharing best practices and building upon them to create something better.

A conversation with Chris Cater, Manager, Customer Success at Flockjay, and guest speaker Rahul Gupta. Rahul has served as Technical Seller at IBM for the past few years in Data & AI and is now an IBM Analytics PM. Prior to IBM, he spent multiple years with various startups in sales and marketing roles. Throughout his journey, he's observed a recipe for success - invest in your people.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why it is important for organizations to celebrate wins and losses
  • Advice for sales leaders on how to create a culture that celebrates wins and losses.

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Built for Sales People by Sales People